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1.8.2 b7

Previous release (1.7.2 - Build 01, release date 16/05/07) of the PerformanceTools software contained the following additions:

    *KML Import
		Using Google Earth PlusTM, it is possible to create and export .kml files which can then be imported into PerformanceTools. This is particularly useful for creating circuit overlays without having to physically drive the track.
    *KML Export Offset
		When a .dbn file is exported as a .kml for use in Google EarthTM, the software now prompts for an X and Y offset. Not all images in Google EarthTM are exactly positionally accurate, so some files may appear to 'miss' roadways or circuits. This option enables you to export your files more accurately to better represent the lines actually taken.
    *Split Names
		When creating splits in the laptiming facility, the split points can actually be named (such as Stowe or Luffield at Silverstone, or The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca) and these split points appear with their respective names in the laptiming data window. Exporting .kml files with split points retains these names, so they will appear on the satellite photos in Google EarthTM.
    *Lap Highlight
		With lap data being displayed in the ‘Report Generator – Circuit Test’, individual laps are highlighted in the main Graph screen by clicking on any of the values at the bottom of individual lap/split data tables.
    *Image Import into Graph Map Window
		You can import any image of your choosing into the Graph Map by right-clicking on either the Graph:Data, Graph:Map, or Graph windows and selecting the Graph: Map Background Image>Load option.

Previous release (1.6.1 - Build 28, release date 08/11/06) of the PerformanceTools software contained the following additions:

    *Track and Lap Alignment
		Compared data displayed on the Graph Map can now be realigned to compensate for positional shift, particularly useful for those wishing to carry out more detailed drive-line analysis.
    *Export to Google Earth
		PerformanceBox Files can now be exported for viewing in Google Earth without the need to upgrade to Google Earth Plus.
    *File Repair
		On loading a PerformanceBox file which contains dropouts due to intermittent satellite reception (from passing under a bridge, for instance) PerformanceTools will automatically display a warning to this effect. The file can then be repaired from the Tools menu.