Circuit Tools for MAC - Preview

macWe are after some initial feedback to ensure the first full release version is stable and user friendly. The new software takes advantage of as many of the Apple 'gestures' as possible, so depending how much you use a Mac, it may seem very intuitive. We need Mac users to let us know! There is currently no documentation for this software.

Terms & Conditions

Circuit Tools for Mac is considered pre-release. It has been tested to ensure any basic operation is OK, but is still under development! Some features have not yet been added, and the testing cycle and sign off has not been completed – so there may still be other bugs in this version!

Do not use the preview version when performing critical tests.

When using the software, it is the customers responsibility to make any shared users of the equipment aware that it is running a 'preview' version – e.g. by fixing a temporary label to the unit.

info-iconAbout Circuit Tools for MAC

The first preview Mac OS Circuit Tools!

  • Maximum of two data channels
  • Maximum of two videos
  • Whole circuit files that use a single start/finish point only
We would like 25 preview testers - First come, first serve! To sign up, please fill out this online form.
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