New VBOX Video HD2 Accessories

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Izze Racing Tire Infrared Temperature Sensor Banner

Tyre Temp Sensors

We are excited to soon be supplying tyre temperature sensors for use with the HD2. They'll be available at the end of this month and allow you to log tyre temps throughout track sessions, so that you can make setup adjustments accordingly. See an example video below.

There are two types of sensor: 120 and 60 degree fields of view. Quote RLACS272-120 or RLACS272-60 on the eStore or to your dealer for price and availability.

HD2 Second Car Kit

This was a popular product for the Video VBOX Lite so we thought we'd put together the same thing for the HD2. It comprises power cable, roll-cage mounts, antenna, microphone, and a pair of cameras - just swap the actual recording unit between cars. Available now from the eStore or your local distributor - product code is RLACS274.

2nd hd2 accessory kit

Please note:

When upgrading to the latest firmware, the cameras must be connected to the unit as they are included as part of the upgrade. The cameras supplied in the second car accessories kit will be fully up-to-date, therefore you would not have to do anything as long as your existing unit(s) is/are running the latest version of firmware. If your unit(s) run on older firmware, you will have to upgrade them, to make sure they are compatible with the new cameras.

Also, if we release a new version of firmware in the future that includes a new update for the cameras, you would have to update the firmware once with the first set of cameras plugged in, and again with the second set plugged in, using the same firmware upgrade file.


Mounting Options

These mounting brackets allow for fitment either to a roll bar, or a quick-release option installed onto your own metal or plastic sheet. In both cases there's protection on the inner surfaces to stop the HD2 from being scratched. Available now - the quick release mount is RLACS258, the bar mount RLACS268.

HD2 mounting options


Camera Extension PoleCamera Extension Bar

If you're struggling to get the forward-facing camera in the right position to allow for a good view of the track, this extension bar should help.

It brings the camera down below the sun strip and gives you a much bigger view out through the windscreen - avoiding that "letterbox" look - and it will fit on any mount with a standard 1/4"in UNC thread.

Due in around the beginning of July - available to pre-order on the eStore with product code RLACS273.