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New version of Circuit Tools (Windows)

5 May 2022

We have released version 2.9.74 of our Circuit Tools Software. This version offers new features and bug fixes, as noted on the Circuit Tools Update, and addresses some issues and suggestions raised in customer feedback following the release of the V2.9.66 BETA.

Version 2.9.74 includes the ability to generate an Ideal Lap video, and also marks the shift to VLC for handling the integrated video (since the previous 2.8.20 release), enabling 60 fps video playback.

We have also uploaded a series of video tutorials for Circuit Tools.


  • Added the ability to export the current selected datum as a reference lap for VBOX LapTimer
  • Added the ability to mark Pit Lane Entry and Exit points on the track via the Track ribbon tab, and export them for use with VBOX Pit Lane Timer
  • Added the ability to tick the Ideal Lap for analysis. When ticked, the Ideal Lap will be shown on the Graph. To view the video for the Ideal Lap, click the 'Ideal Lap' button on the Video toolbar.
  • Hardware Acceleration is now available and can be enabled within the Video ribbon tab.
  • Added support for VBOX HD Lite (coming soon)


  • Fixed error in File Transfer Wizard when the .vbo had no associated video file
  • Fixed bug when loading two sessions with the same filename only displayed one video
  • Fixed errors when loading sessions from different circuits - Circuit Tools will now prevent files from different circuits being loaded
  • .DBN files (PerformanceBox / DriftBox) can now be loaded successfully
  • Error when extending Window beyond the bounds of one screen fixed
  • Fixed various issues preventing keyboard shortcuts working in some situations
  • Lateral acceleration calculation was incorrect when the file log rate is not consistent
  • 60 FPS video playback performance has been improved
  • Track detection has been improved