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New Mini LapTimer and OLED

28 June 2022

VBOX LapTimer and OLED are now available in a smaller form factor, which is ideal for situations where there is limited space to mount lap timing devices, such as in a single-seater race car.

VBOX Mini LapTimer and Mini OLED offer the same functionality and price as the full size versions.

Firmware Updates

We have also released new firmware for the existing VBOX LapTimer and OLED Display, version 1.14.759. This firmware adds a range of new features and fixes, full details can be found in the release notes for VBOX LapTimer and the OLED Display. The firmware for each of these units is available from the Firmware Downloads section.

In order to update existing OLED displays via the VBOX Video HD2, we have released new BETA firmware for the VBOX Video HD2 to provide support for upgrading. Once you have upgraded your OLED display, we would highly recommend that you re-install the current release VBOX Video HD2 firmware

VBOX Video HD2 BETA firmware can be found in the Firmware Downloads section, listed as ‘VBOX Video HD2 (OLED Upgrade only)’. If you require further information, please email .