HD2 Tyre Temperature Monitoring

Below you can find two IR Sensor calibration scenes, one for the front and one for rear sensors (IR Sensor Calibration FRONT.VVHSN & IR Sensor Calibration REAR.VVHSN). These are required to ensure full coverage of the tyre. 

We have also provided a VBOX Video HD2 scene that includes the tyre temperature sensors configuration in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible (RL_TyreTemp_Monitoring.VVHSN).

If you would like a customised version of the default scene, please email .

Preview of the Tyre Temperature Monitoring Scene

Tyre Temp Preview

Filename Size
IR Sensor Calibration FRONT.VVHSN 42.61 KB
IR Sensor Calibration REAR.VVHSN 47.3 KB
RL_TyreTemp_Monitoring.VVHSN 152.28 KB

Instructions on how to set up the tyre temperature monitoring system and configure a scene can be found here.

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