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Race Coaching using VBOX

As an instructor, you have a good knowledge of how to get a car around a circuit in the quickest possible time and how to coach others to do the same, but ...
Do you ever have customers who ...

Have trouble putting into practice what you are saying, or even don't believe that what you are advising will make them quicker?

Find it increasingly difficult to identify areas for improvement as their abilities increase?

You would like to show exactly how much quicker your advised line or technique will make them?

To combat this, you need a tool that clearly shows your customers where they are losing time and what they can do to improve their performance on track.

  • VBOX Motorsport in-car camera systems provide video with tightly synced data so that you can quickly pinpoint the areas that need improving.
  • Our systems give you the chance to prove through undisputable data that what you advise works. It provides an objective back up and helps when dealing with big egos.
  • You can provide clients with a video memento of their time on track.

Don't believe us? Listen to the experts. 

Darren Burke - FIA Silver Pro-Driver & Grade-A ARDS Instructor

Darren explains how and why he uses VBOX equipment and Circuit Tools software. These are essential tools in the arsenal of any driver coach who is serious about maximizing the gains for their clients, or for any driver who wants to push themselves to improve more quickly.

What other coaches say...

Ben Clucas - Racing Driver & Coach

Ben has been racing since the age of 9 and has driven a wide range of cars from top line Single Seaters such as Formula Ford to V8 Supercars, Mercedes DTM, British Touring cars, Porsche 997 Cup cars, Historic cars and many different types of GT cars.
Ben has been doing track instruction since 2001 and has done thousands of track miles in many types of race and road cars including Ginettas, Ferraris, Aston Martins & Lotus'.

"I have coached drivers from complete beginners to semi-professionals looking for those last vital few tenths. Trying to convey quite complex information in a very short time frame, at over 100 mph, is very challenging - and often difficult for the client to fully understand.

Using the RACELOGIC Video VBOX system has totally revolutionized race coaching. This system makes driver training an exact science. It allows you to sit with your client in a relaxed environment after the session, quickly and simply pinpointing exactly where the time is being lost.

As a coach, this allows me to concentrate on the areas where the most time is being given away and compliment my clients on the areas in which they are doing well. It is a massively more productive way of learning and enables the customer to make huge strides forward during the day - highly satisfying from my point of view, but more importantly leads to the client having better qualifying and race results."

Rob Barff - Grade-S ARDS Instructor

Rob has extensive experience in both Le Mans Prototypes and all forms of GT race cars, regularly running up with the leaders in races such as the Le Mans 24hrs, Sebring and Daytona. He is an ARDS Grade S instructor.

"With the data interpretation we now get very detailed analysis on a lap by lap basis, whereas in days gone by when driver coaches were just sitting alongside the clients, they'd only get a general overview from the coach.

Now they get that broad perspective plus - over a cup of tea and in very much more a productive state of mind – they can analyze driving patterns; general areas of competence that can be left well alone; and areas of concern.

There are techniques that you can learn by yourself, but it will take years to do so; using the video and data massively shortcuts that process."

Peter Krause - Professional Racing Coach, Virginia International Raceway

Based at Virginia International Raceway, Peter Krause is one of the premier exponents of race driver coaching in the USA. His approach is of deep analysis using any and all the technology available to him, and the optimising of the time he has with each client.

Peter has been using Video VBOX for many years and has embraced the upgrade that VBOX Video HD2 offers.
"I consider the perfectly synchronised VBOX GPS data and video indispensable to quickly and efficiently 'find time' for my drivers - I use it in every clients's car."

Nigel Greensall - Racing Instructor

Nigel Greensall is a professional driver and coach. In over 20 years of professional racing he has 140 outright race wins and 92 lap records under his belt, including the outright record at Castle Combe (averaging 130mph) in a Tyrell F1 car. Having coached individuals from track days to Le Mans 24H, Nigel understands the importance of objective data and video to support his instruction.

"Over the past 20 years I've used many different video and data products and, in my experience, Video VBOX is the best system. It provides high quality video with clear on-screen graphics and easy-to-use data for driver comparisons.

When on a track day, test or race meeting, it's invaluable to have a system that is reliable, easy to use and provides the exact information that we, as drivers and instructors, need.

The bottom line: Video VBOX allows me to provide my customers and co-drivers with a greater understanding of how to drive faster."