New Track Maps available

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New tracks have been added to our track database. You can download the full track library here.

Please make sure that you set up the following new tracks manually until a new version of VBOX Video HD2 setup software (higher than 1.1.121) or Video VBOX setup software (higher than 3.26 b432) has been released. Using auto-map in the scene will cause no map to be shown.

  • Argentina - Circuito de Rosario
  • Brazil - Autodromo Internacional de Cascavel
  • France - Anneau Du Rhin C, Geoparc short, Geoparc long
  • Germany - Estering
  • Russia – Smolensk, Grozny, Sochi
  • South Africa - Dezzi Raceway, Raceway East London
  • South Korea - Inje Speedium
  • Spain - Albacete
  • Sweden - Falkenberg Raceway
  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai Hill
  • United Kingdom – Ingliston, Aintree Sprint, Carver Barracks, Castle Combe Western Sprint, Nutts Corner, Rushmore Arena
  • United States of America - Thunderhill East, LVMS Exotics Racing

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