Shmee150 at Rockingham

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If you’re a YouTube fan, you’ve probably heard of Shmee150, one of the most popular automotive channel on YouTube. Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton, a car enthusiast and entrepreneur, who has recently decided to embark on a new adventure in motorsport!

Jon Holman, one of Racelogic’s engineers, joined the Shmee150 team at Rockingham last week during one of their test sessions in preparation for the 2017 Mini Challenge Championship. Jon was on hand to help Shmee improve his lap times and race craft by installing our new VBOX HD2, and then analysing the video and telemetry data to identify where improvements can be made during a lap. Shmee was also joined by Charlie Butler-Henderson, current driver and 2015 champion in the series, who has been coaching Shmee during his motorsport journey, offering advice gained from his experience in the Mini Challenge cars.

Check out the video.