François Gissy hitting 161 mph on rocket trike propelled by rainwater

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In July 2017, François Gissy used a VBOX Video HD2 as part of the equipment fitted to his custom-made jet tricycle.

This was the latest project that François has undertaken in the quest for reaching very fast speeds with unusual vehicles, having already managed to hit 207mph on a bicycle (!).

This time around he decided to build a trike, powered by a pressurized water tank, and managed to hit 161mph at the Paul Ricard track in the south of France.

My neck was hurt a little bit this time, 2 days in pain, and I can easily say from my previous experience with the rocket bicycle and the previous runs with the trike that the peak g-force was around twice more than the rocket bicycle (which was measured at 3.05 g at peak).

[...] HD2 allowed to have great footage. From the Cam 2 looking backward on the top of the mast, we clearly see my head trying to stay on the start line while the rest of the body was following the trike!

You can see longer version of the video with bonus footage here.

François is already working on his next project and VBOX Motorsport will be pleased to support him again.