Tyre Temperature Monitoring, live!

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If you have bought or are considering our Tyre Temperature Sensors (RLACS272) you may be interested in our latest product the VBOX Touch. As well as being able to connect your sensors to an HD2 for real time graphical overlay of what each tyre is doing across 16 temperature points, you can now review that data in the car, live!


The sensors have been specifically designed to measure the highly transient surface temperature of a tyre, ranging from -20 to 300° C. This is invaluable information for chassis tuning, driver development or tyre management and can be relayed instantly to the driver via the VBOX Touch display, or broadcast to the pits on a live stream if using the optional HDMI variant of HD2 with a third party encoder / transmitter. Solutions such as Live U Solo, VidiU Pro, VidiU Go and Netgear LB1120 have all been used now to live stream when used with the HDMI HD2.

Circuit Map Database - New tracks added

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We have added new tracks to our track map database. If you run the latest version of Circuit Tools  or VBOX Video Setup software (VBOX Video HD2 owners only), you don't have to do anything. Both softwares will automatically check for updates when you are online and install the latest track database.

If you own a Video VBOX Lite, Pro or Waterproof, and are NOT using the latest Circuit Tools version, you will need to download the Track Map Database Installer. The installer will ensure that the complete track map database is available in Video VBOX Setup.

New track maps include:

  • Marulan Pheasant Wood (Australia)
  • Goodwood Kartways (Canada)
  • Circuit d'Albi (France)
  • Motorpark Romania (Romania)
  • Millbrook Hill Route Full (UK)
  • Millbrook High Speed Circuit (UK)
  • Millbrook Handling Circuit (UK)
  • Gaydon Emissions Circuit (UK)
  • Fen End Emissions Circuit (UK)
  • Pembrey Clubman Circuit (UK)
  • Brainerd Competition Road Course (USA)
  • Kentucky Speedway (USA)
  • New York Safety Track (USA)
  • Virginia International Raceway Grand East (USA)

Changes have been made to:

  • Nurburgring GP 2019
  • Silverstone Stowe 2019
  • Pembrey
  • Circuit Of The Americas 2019
  • Virginia International Raceway Full 2019
  • Virginia International Raceway North 2019

VBOX Sport - Improved accuracy in areas with poor GPS reception

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VBOX Sport 10HzVBOX Sport units sold after June 2019 will come with an upgraded GPS receiver which is able to receive multiple constellations. The new receiver operates at 10 Hz instead of 20 Hz and tracks the Russian GLONASS range of satellites in addition to GPS.

The advantage of using both satellite constellations is that there are almost twice as many satellites in view, helping to maintain a robust satellite connection and increasing the accuracy of the speed and position signal in challenging GNSS reception areas. Challenging areas include tree lined roads, tall buildings and large structures that can block and reflect GNSS signals.

Due to the way the software calculates acceleration, deceleration and lap timing results, this data is not affected by the drop in sample frequency. For most, if not all, motorsport and automotive applications the difference between 10 Hz and 20 Hz is negligible. In areas with poor GNSS reception you should see an improvement on lap timing results due to better signal quality.

New version of Circuit Tools (Windows)

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Today we’ve released a new version of Circuit Tools (, which includes a range of bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Centre on vehicle option added to the track tab
  • Default screen layouts refined
  • Circuit layouts now selectable
  • Warning when comparing different circuits
  • End-User License agreement added
  • Minimum & Maximum gate width

  • Circuit detection improved
  • Large files handled better
  • Issues caused by changing languages resolved
  • Problems regarding Isle of Man TT fixed
  • G-Plot feature removed
  • Gates/Splits issues fixed
  • Video/data sync problems solved
  • Gate width issue resolved (no software crashes)