Video Split Software released

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The new Video Split software enables you to easily extract a single lap from a track session file recorded by a Video VBOX or VBOX Video HD2 video, add an intro video and save it with the associated .vbo data or laps pdf file.

The software is set to detect the fastest lap, but will export any lap you wish. You can also add a comparison graph to a reference lap at the end of the video.

The software is particularly suited to applications where you are processing multiple driver sessions at a time, such as within driver experience environments. Read more.

Watch a software demonstration (audio doesn't start until half way through the video):

New version of Circuit Tools released

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Circuit Tools features an auto-update functionality and has improved media handling and time synchronization for VBO files that span across multiple videos. Users now also have the option to export their laps as a CSV for all current session data.

You can download the latest Circuit Tools software here

Online HD2 Scene Wizard

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The VBOX Video HD2 comes with setup software that allows you to create dazzling scenes to really enhance your videos – but if you haven’t got round to using it yet and would like a different look to the graphics in your videos, instant help is at hand.

The online scene wizard consists of six sets of dials, each differently styled and with the option to include vehicle signal data, a logo, g-ball, picture-in-picture, and lap timing.

We have incorporated our complete CAN database so you can select your make and model of vehicle, and the parameters you’d like to log – either via the Bluetooth OBD module or direct connection.

Simply choose which elements you’d like to make up your scene, whether you want to log signals from the car itself, and which style you prefer, and then click to generate. You can either download the scene directly or receive an email with the download link along with CAN connection instructions.

HD2 Scene Wizard

The launch version of the scene wizard contains a limited number of scene styles but we will increase them over the coming months. If there is one particular style that you would like, please contact us and we’ll create one for you!

The wizard is a handy tool that allows you to create a good-looking scenes, but it has certain limitations and it’s not quite as good as using the HD2 setup software. If you would like some training on the VBOX Motorsport software, why not register for one of our free courses?

Video VBOX Lite now also compatible with AiM dashboards

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AiM MXL2 DashIf you’re running an AiM dashboard or logger, you can now record the CAN data directly from it into a Video VBOX Lite. All the AiM CAN channels have been incorporated into the VBOX CAN database.

A physical connection between the dash/logger and your Video VBOX Lite is made possible with the new cable  RLCAB145M, available to order now from our eStore. This cable will make it possible to connect directly to the AiM dashboard or the AiM Smartycam connection cable.Video VBOX Lite

If you have a Video VBOX Lite with 1, 2, or 4 CAN channels we will supply an upgrade to 8 channels free of charge when you purchase this cable.

We have also created this scene for use on a VVB Lite which you can download here. Instructions on how to connect AiM devices to a Video VBOX Lite can be found here.

Koenigsegg Agera RS Production Speed Record – VBOX Verified!

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The astonishing Koenigsegg Agera RS broke the world speed record for a production vehicle on Saturday 4th November, attaining an average speed of 277.9 mph (447.2 km/h) on a (closed) public road in Nevada, USA. On hand to assist with verifying the speed was Jim Lau, Technical Director of Racelogic USA.

The car performed three runs, with a maximum speed of 284.3 mph (457.5 km/h) being reached in one direction and 271.2 mph (436.4 km/h) going the opposite way, giving the final average which is due to be ratified by Guinness as a world record.

Koenigsegg Agera RS dark

The Racelogic equipment consisted of a VBOX 3i which logs GPS data at 100 Hz with a velocity accuracy of +/- 0.1 km/h – and which has been recognised by Guinness as acceptable test equipment in a number of automotive records. The VBOX 3i was accompanied by a VBOX Video HD2 which captured the runs with 1080p footage, synchronised with 10 Hz GPS data and real time graphical overlay.

Watch the two record-breaking speed runs below. Note how the car appears to cruise up to 200 mph before finally unleashing its potential and rocketing to the maximum – final gear isn’t even selected until it is travelling at 220 mph!