VBOX Video HD2 Compatibility with AiM Dashboards

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AiM MXL2 Dash

If you’re running an AiM dashboard or logger, you can now record the CAN data directly from it into a VBOX Video HD2. All the AiM CAN channels have been incorporated into the VBOX database so you can select the channels in HD2 setup that you want to log.

A physical connection between the dash/logger and your HD2 is made possible with the new cables RLCAB144 and RLCAB145, available to order now from our eStore. These cables will make it possible to connect directly to the AiM dashboard or the AiM Smartycam connection cable.

We have also created this scene for use on an HD2 which you can download here.

Radical CANChannels

There are a significant number of parameters available for logging, including Brake Position, Brake Pressure, Fuel level, Lateral Acceleration and Steering Angle. Instructions on how to configure/connect the devices for use together are available here.

Check out this video of VBOX Motorsport customer Dave Evans at Silverstone…


Vehicle CAN Database Updated

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We have made huge changes to the way we deal with CAN for use with VBOX video loggers.

Our whole CAN database has been cleaned up, with every vehicle now correctly listed alongside its available channels and connection information.

VBOX Video HD2: Thanks to the setup software’s automatic update, the database has also been imported into the VBOX Video HD2 setup software, allowing for really simple channel selection when creating a scene.

HD2 Setup1

Now all you need to do is choose your vehicle, select which channels you want to log, and assign them to a scene element. We’ve included the connection info – wire colours and location for instance – and photographs where we have them.

RLACS228As well as selecting CAN channels for logging via a bare-wire or OBD cable connection, we have also introduced support for the Bluetooth OBD module which allows for a set selection of channels to be logged. This unit will work on vehicles with a standard OBDII diagnostic socket, but it isn’t just ‘listening’ to the CAN bus: instead it is requesting information which is then converted for use in the HD2, and as such it isn’t as fast as a bare-wire connection or one made with an OBD cable.

François Gissy hitting 161 mph on rocket trike propelled by rainwater

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In July 2017, François Gissy used a VBOX Video HD2 as part of the equipment fitted to his custom-made jet tricycle.

This was the latest project that François has undertaken in the quest for reaching very fast speeds with unusual vehicles, having already managed to hit 207mph on a bicycle (!).

This time around he decided to build a trike, powered by a pressurized water tank, and managed to hit 161mph at the Paul Ricard track in the south of France.

My neck was hurt a little bit this time, 2 days in pain, and I can easily say from my previous experience with the rocket bicycle and the previous runs with the trike that the peak g-force was around twice more than the rocket bicycle (which was measured at 3.05 g at peak).

[...] HD2 allowed to have great footage. From the Cam 2 looking backward on the top of the mast, we clearly see my head trying to stay on the start line while the rest of the body was following the trike!

You can see longer version of the video with bonus footage here.

François is already working on his next project and VBOX Motorsport will be pleased to support him again.

VBOX Pit Lane Timer successfully used by K-PAX Racing in the Pirelli World Challenge, Austin

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VBOX Pit Lane Timer provides instant driver feedback, helping you to optimise your time in the pit box and to avoid pit stop penalties.

It proved its worth for K-PAX Racing during the Pirelli World Challenge, where it was used in their McLaren GT4 cars. VBOX Pit Lane Timer is being described positively in the race commentary and attributed to their near perfect pit lane time of 60.22 s. Unfortunately the announcers call it 'Logitech'!

Here's the replay of the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge SprintX Round 9 from Circuit of the Americas. Pay attention to the commentary at 6.12 and 36.50 seconds into the video.

K PAX PWC2017 VBOX Pit Lane Timer


6:12 - 6:48
Reference to VBOX Pit Lane Timer

"It's huge to loose 67 seconds to your competition [in the pit lanes]. A lot of teams are using different ways of doing it now. I was talking to the K-PAX Team, they now have a Logitech system [VBOX Pit Lane Timer, not Logitech] that really tells them when to release from the pit box. It gives a green and red light as you're traversing down the pit lane towards pit out, where the driver needs to speed up a little bit to cover a bit of time or slow down, most importantly, as you don't wanna dip under that 60 second range."

K-PAX McLaren enters pit lane

36:50 - 37:00
Reference to VBOX Pit Lane Timer about the 60.22s stop (Steve Creamer: "WOW!")

"Tell you what, the 9 Team [K-PAX], we talked about the new Logitech system they're using [VBOX Pit Lane Timer, not Logitech] ... 60.2."


"60.22, so only 22 hundreds of a second out of the margin. Nice work!"


More on VBOX Pit Lane Timer.

New version of the VBOX LapTimer iOS app

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LapTimer is a powerful lap timing app which works as a companion to the VBOX Sport using its high accuracy GPS receiver to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone.

The latest software version includes the following changes/enhancements:

  • You can save selected lap times as a CSV file and export them through email/iTunes.
  • The results table has a new design.
  • New laps with different number of sectors are being ignored.
  • You can select laps to show a graph.

You can download it from iTunes.