VBOX Pit Lane Timer successfully used by K-PAX Racing in the Pirelli World Challenge, Austin

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VBOX Pit Lane Timer provides instant driver feedback, helping you to optimise your time in the pit box and to avoid pit stop penalties.

It proved its worth for K-PAX Racing during the Pirelli World Challenge, where it was used in their McLaren GT4 cars. VBOX Pit Lane Timer is being described positively in the race commentary and attributed to their near perfect pit lane time of 60.22 s. Unfortunately the announcers call it 'Logitech'!

Here's the replay of the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge SprintX Round 9 from Circuit of the Americas. Pay attention to the commentary at 6.12 and 36.50 seconds into the video.

K PAX PWC2017 VBOX Pit Lane Timer


6:12 - 6:48
Reference to VBOX Pit Lane Timer

"It's huge to loose 67 seconds to your competition [in the pit lanes]. A lot of teams are using different ways of doing it now. I was talking to the K-PAX Team, they now have a Logitech system [VBOX Pit Lane Timer, not Logitech] that really tells them when to release from the pit box. It gives a green and red light as you're traversing down the pit lane towards pit out, where the driver needs to speed up a little bit to cover a bit of time or slow down, most importantly, as you don't wanna dip under that 60 second range."

K-PAX McLaren enters pit lane

36:50 - 37:00
Reference to VBOX Pit Lane Timer about the 60.22s stop (Steve Creamer: "WOW!")

"Tell you what, the 9 Team [K-PAX], we talked about the new Logitech system they're using [VBOX Pit Lane Timer, not Logitech] ... 60.2."


"60.22, so only 22 hundreds of a second out of the margin. Nice work!"


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New version of the VBOX LapTimer iOS app

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LapTimer is a powerful lap timing app which works as a companion to the VBOX Sport using its high accuracy GPS receiver to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone.

The latest software version includes the following changes/enhancements:

  • You can save selected lap times as a CSV file and export them through email/iTunes.
  • The results table has a new design.
  • New laps with different number of sectors are being ignored.
  • You can select laps to show a graph.

You can download it from iTunes.

VBOX Sport Performance Tools App updated

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An updated version of iOS Performance Test app, for use with the VBOX Sport, is now available to download from the Apple Store.

The latest enhancements/bug fixes include:

  • The ability to download specified runs using iTunes and send through email in a CSV export.
  • The introduction of Dyno mode (see screenshots below).
  • Two previous results in the run results page now displayed.
  • Fixed issue when ‘1 Foot Rollout’ mode is enabled.

dyno mode screenshots

Updated Firmware, Software, and Apps for VBOX Video HD2

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We have released updated firmware, setup software, and apps for VBOX Video HD2.

The new VBOX Video Firmware (download here) includes these features:

Performance Increases

  • VBOX Video now fully boots up, and installs scenes up to 50 % quicker than previous release
  • Removed requirement to power cycle unit after scene install

New Bluetooth Support

  • Introducing support for high speed OBD link Bluetooth module
  • Ability to register five Bluetooth devices to VBOX Video
  • Smart control to scan and enable available Bluetooth devices

Logging Updates

  • Updated support to allow use of higher capacity recording media, utilising exFAT formatted USB and SD cards
  • Improved file closing logic

iOS and Android Preview Apps

  • Faster and more stable communication between the app and the VBOX Video HD2
  • Ability to add and remove Bluetooth devices for VBOX Video HD2
  • Bluetooth paired/active status icon
  • Record icon displayed when recording
  • Audio streaming now enabled
  • Option to download scene to SD card


  • Ability to view live camera preview within Setup Software via WiFi
  • Ability to save current scene to inserted media
  • 1 ft roll-out performance test updates
  • Nürburgring VLN start/finish update
  • Updated communication with OLED
  • Added best lap text parameter
  • Added ‘Time stationary’ parameter, with auto reset
  • Added ‘Combo-G’ data source channel
  • Scene on SD card is backed up if a scene with the same name is saved to the card

PLEASE NOTE that when upgrading the firmware you must have the cameras connected to the recording unit, as they are included as part of the upgrade. Once upgraded the cameras are not compatible with the previous firmware release (1.2.46). More info on software compatibility on RACELOGIC Support.

The VBOX Video Setup Software (download here) is required to be used in conjunction with the new firmware to ensure compatibility between versions and also to allow for the new features.

VBOX Video App iconThe VBOX Video App – available from the Google Play Store and iTunes – has also been updated and now gives the user the opportunity to save the current scene from the HD2 onto the SD card.

It also has the option for saving diagnostic logs to the SD card should they be required by the Racelogic Support Team.

New app functionality:

  • Opion to pair and unpair Bluetooth devices through the app
  • Shows Bluetooth icon when a paired device is connected
  • Option to save scene to SD card through the app
  • Option to save a diagnostic log to SD card through the app
  • Faster and more stable communication between the app and the VBOX Video HD2


Shmee150 at Rockingham

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If you’re a YouTube fan, you’ve probably heard of Shmee150, one of the most popular automotive channel on YouTube. Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton, a car enthusiast and entrepreneur, who has recently decided to embark on a new adventure in motorsport!

Jon Holman, one of Racelogic’s engineers, joined the Shmee150 team at Rockingham last week during one of their test sessions in preparation for the 2017 Mini Challenge Championship. Jon was on hand to help Shmee improve his lap times and race craft by installing our new VBOX HD2, and then analysing the video and telemetry data to identify where improvements can be made during a lap. Shmee was also joined by Charlie Butler-Henderson, current driver and 2015 champion in the series, who has been coaching Shmee during his motorsport journey, offering advice gained from his experience in the Mini Challenge cars.

Check out the video.