Ken Block World RX at Hockenheim

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Everyone knows about Ken Block and his amazing Gymkhana videos. What they might not know is that he is a seasoned campaigner in Rallycross, and this year is his first in the FIA World RX.

Ken, along with most of the World RX paddock, is also a VBOX Motorsport user. He and his team mates have been putting the latest VBOX Video HD2 through its paces in recent rounds, as well as using Circuit Tools with the assistance of driver coach David Mansfield.

Ken Block

This video is from the Hockenheim round, where Block came a highly creditable third place behind the very strong Audis of Mattias Ekström and Toomas Heikkinen.


Junior VBOX Training Day - 17th February

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Jack Fabby of the Clio Cup attending a VBOX Training CourseEvery month we have a training day for VBOX Motorsport customers, so that they can get the best out of their equipment. Half the time is spent on setting up a Video VBOX or VBOX HD – for graphic setup, logging strategy, audio and so on; the other half is an in-depth look at Circuit Tools, the racing analysis software.

This year we are holding an additional training day for junior drivers. If you are racing in a junior series and would like to come to a special day at Racelogic on Wednesday 17th February, sign up here. As well as the training course we’ll also give you a guided tour of the Racelogic headquarters, a presentation on race craft, and some time on our simulator.

Please note that spaces on this day are reserved for junior drivers and their parents only; there is a standard training day on Thursday 18th.

Spaces are limited for all our training courses so an early application is advisable! Sign up here >

LaFerrari v Porsche 918 v McLaren P1 at Portimao

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In late September, renowned motoring journalist Chris Harris got the opportunity to conduct a comparison test of the three ultimate hypercars currently on sale: McLaren’s P1, the Porsche 918, and Ferrari’s LaFerrari.

The chosen track was Portimao in Portugal, a stunning circuit with a mix of high and low speed corners and plenty of elevation change. In perfect conditions, Harris set about benchmarking the three cars using a VBOX HD in each before having fun with a couple of special guests.

Leap Second Addition for Video VBOX and VBOX LapTimer Firmware

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On 1st July a second was added to the Satellite Navigation Network – called a Leap Second. This is an event that occurs every two or three years and is necessary to keep the operational time used by GPS satellites in line with the Earth’s rotation, which alters very slightly from year to year.

Consequently we have made a small alteration to the Video VBOX and VBOX LapTimer firmware to take the leap second into account, to ensure that the UTC time remains consistent and correct when recording data. You can download this firmware from here.

If you have any queries or issues surrounding this latest version please contact the Support team who will be happy to help.

Porsche Track Precision App compatible with VBOX Sport

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A new app has been made available by Porsche for use with the VBOX Sport. Called "Porsche Track Precision" is it aimed at drivers of the 991 GT3 model and includes a variety of features based around performance driving.

As standard it can make use of a smartphone's inbuilt GPS engine, but it has also been optimised so that satellite signals are instead received when paired with a VBOX Sport – giving a faster update rate.

Further information available from here.