New Video VBOX Software and Firmware released

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New versions of both firmware and software are now available for the Video VBOX range (Lite, Waterproof, and Pro). You can download the firmware here / software here.

New features include:

Digital Event Marking: by configuring the scene for Event Marking, a start/stop logging switch can now be used to insert an event marker. This is especially useful for those instructing on track, giving coaches the ability to instantly refer to moments during the session that need examination and analysis.

VVB-Setup Digital Event Marking

Multiple Needle Rotations: ideal for elements such as a steering wheel graphic that need to rotate fully more than once. By setting the number of rotations you can now replicate how the wheel actually performs.

VVB-Setup Needle Rotations

New firmware release and manual update for PerformanceBox

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We've released new firmware (v3.0.56) and manual updates for PerformanceBox. The firmware changes include added support for SDHC cards and some minor bug fixes.

The video below shows how to update a RACELOGIC PerformanceBox or DriftBox.

You can download the firmware here in the customer area, as well as the manual.


New Driver Training Article "Getting on the gas"

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The latest Advanced Circuit Driving Techniques article features Ben Clucas, a Grade A ARDS instructor and former Australian Formula 3 champion. “Getting on the Gas” starts with this great quote from Sir Jackie Stewart: “Don’t put your foot on the gas pedal until you’re sure that you’ll never have to take it off again” and Ben gives us an insight of how best to apply this theory.

Download the new chapter here.

Screenshot of driver training article

Apple updates iOS 7

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The last versions of apple software to be released (7.1 and 7.1.1) contained Bluetooth issues which stopped data transfer between our Performance Test and LapTimer iOS applications and the VBOX Sport. This caused some issues for our customers – our newly released apps contain a workaround which solves these issues.

Apple has also released a new software version which removes this Bluetooth issue. Users can continue running 7.1.1 or update to the new 7.1.2, both should now function without any issues.



New Driver Training Article now available

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The latest chapter in our Advanced Driving Techniques e-book is now available. “Landmark Decisions” takes you through the process of breaking a circuit down into reference points that will help with driving precision, relaxation, and ultimately to better lap times.

Nigel Greensall takes us through several examples of how he instructs amateur drivers in the use of landmarks, and how he himself decodes a new circuit.

The e-book can be downloaded here.


VBOX Motorsport Video

We have recently published this video, filmed at Silverstone and featuring Nigel Greensall as he coaches a client in his Caterham SP300R. Nigel uses Circuit Tools to help his client gain significant time, and an increase in confidence, in just a few short sessions.

Watch the video here.