New Driver Training Article now available

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The latest chapter in our Advanced Driving Techniques e-book is now available. “Landmark Decisions” takes you through the process of breaking a circuit down into reference points that will help with driving precision, relaxation, and ultimately to better lap times.

Nigel Greensall takes us through several examples of how he instructs amateur drivers in the use of landmarks, and how he himself decodes a new circuit.

The e-book can be downloaded here.


VBOX Motorsport Video

We have recently published this video, filmed at Silverstone and featuring Nigel Greensall as he coaches a client in his Caterham SP300R. Nigel uses Circuit Tools to help his client gain significant time, and an increase in confidence, in just a few short sessions.

Watch the video here.


270.49 mph Hennessey Venom GT verified by VBOX

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On 14th February 2014, the Hennessey Venom – a heavily modified Lotus Exige, powered by a 7.0 twin turbo V8 – hit 270mph at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

The car was equipped with both a VBOX HD and a Video VBOX, along with an OLED Display which, as you can see in the video, gave the driver a clear view of the speed he was travelling. Check out the acceleration, which is truly astonishing. The car had to be brought to a halt very quickly on the runway and the Venom team are confident that the car could go even faster given a longer run.

Joe Lachovsky, from the Racelogic USA office was on hand to verify the numbers.
Here is his report:

"The weather for the run couldn't have been more perfect. There was definitely a nervous calm in the air, as months of work by Hennessey's crew was coming down to this moment. When Brian (the driver) took off, you could hear that he was on the gas for quite a while, which only served to ratchet up the suspense. It wasn't until we had made our way to the other end of the runway that we saw the OLED display had confirmed they broke the record. Being able to confirm the data logged by the VBOX 3i on the very runway that the shuttle had landed on many times, is something I'll never forget. Truly a remarkable experience."

Solostorm Support for VBOX Sport

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petrel-header1VBOX Sport is now supported in Solostorm, a data logging and analysis application for Android devices optimised for use in autocross, hill climbs, and ProSolo racing.

The app allows for data analysis as well as a live output on your Android phone or tablet, and can be obtained from the Petreldata website.

New product releases and show offers at Autosport 2014

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It's that time of year again, Autosport International is just around the corner and we would like to invite you to come along to the Racelogic stand 7535 in Hall 7 to see what we have on offer.

Purchase your 2014 logging equipment at Autosport! 

We will have plenty of stock and special offers at the show. Save up to 17% on selected products when buying at Autosport.

New product launch

VBOX-LapTimerWe are particularly excited about the brand new VBOX LapTimer which is being launched at the show.

This new standalone predictive lap timer not only shows your predictive 'delta-T time', but also has multi-coloured LEDs showing your speed difference or 'delta-V' as well.

We believe that this is a real breakthrough in driver feedback and really helps focus the mind on getting the best exit speed from the corner. So if you want to up your game in 2014, then it could be well worth while popping by to see the demonstration.

Circuit Tools v2.2.0.40 released

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We have released a new version of our driver analysis software. Circuit Tools v2.2.0.40 has been updated to handle VBOX HD files.

Other changes include:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Removed audio glitch when playing video
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Latest Circuit Database