VBOX Sport - Improved accuracy in areas with poor GPS reception

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VBOX Sport 10HzVBOX Sport units sold after June 2019 will come with an upgraded GPS receiver which is able to receive multiple constellations. The new receiver operates at 10 Hz instead of 20 Hz and tracks the Russian GLONASS range of satellites in addition to GPS.

The advantage of using both satellite constellations is that there are almost twice as many satellites in view, helping to maintain a robust satellite connection and increasing the accuracy of the speed and position signal in challenging GNSS reception areas. Challenging areas include tree lined roads, tall buildings and large structures that can block and reflect GNSS signals.

Due to the way the software calculates acceleration, deceleration and lap timing results, this data is not affected by the drop in sample frequency. For most, if not all, motorsport and automotive applications the difference between 10 Hz and 20 Hz is negligible. In areas with poor GNSS reception you should see an improvement on lap timing results due to better signal quality.

New version of Circuit Tools (Windows)

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Today we’ve released a new version of Circuit Tools (, which includes a range of bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Centre on vehicle option added to the track tab
  • Default screen layouts refined
  • Circuit layouts now selectable
  • Warning when comparing different circuits
  • End-User License agreement added
  • Minimum & Maximum gate width

  • Circuit detection improved
  • Large files handled better
  • Issues caused by changing languages resolved
  • Problems regarding Isle of Man TT fixed
  • G-Plot feature removed
  • Gates/Splits issues fixed
  • Video/data sync problems solved
  • Gate width issue resolved (no software crashes)

VBOX Video HD2 now with HDMI

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HD2 HDMI ConnectorWe are now offering VBOX Video HD2 with HDMI video output. This option allows users to stream real-time video at 30 fps from the HD2 to an HDMI compatible monitor, recorder or streaming device.

VBOX HD2 HDMI can be used to give live coverage of motorsport events for TV or social media, provide race teams with the ability to give instant driver feedback, or act as a rear-view camera.

The new system (RLVBVDHD2-H) comes with an HDMI port and locking pin to make sure our custom cable has a secure connection.

VBOX HD2 HDMI will only run with the latest version of HD2 firmware (1.3.76 and higher) and setup software (1.4.259 and higher). More info on datasheet.

Autosport 2019 - This year in Hall 2, Stand 2770

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It's January and that means it's time for Autosport! This year we've got some incredible show only offers and want to make sure you can find us - we will be in Hall 2, Stand 2770.

The show starts on Thursday and we are all geared up and ready to go with a brand-new simulator setup and the chance to WIN a VBOX LapTimer by setting the fastest lap.

As if that wasn't enough, by entering our prize draw you can WIN a top-of-the-range VBOX Video HD2.

Racelogic's MD, Julian Thomas, will also be delivering a technical presentation on the Talk Shop stage in Hall 3 on Friday and Saturday at 2 pm. Using examples from his own racing, Julian will be talking about advanced techniques to maximise the performance of your tyres during the critical corner entry phase. One not to be missed!

So whether you are already an experienced track addict or are just getting into Motorsport, we can guide you towards the quickest way to go faster. Head to Hall 2, Stand 2770 to find out more.