RACELOGIC Tire Temperature Sensors

The RACELOGIC Tire Temperature Sensors (RLACS272) have been specifically designed to measure surface temperature of a tire, providing invaluable information for chassis tuning and driver development.

Each sensor can measure up to 16 temperature points on an object with surface temperatures ranging from -4 to 572° C.

The data can be recorded using a VBOX Video HD2 and the heat maps overlaid in real-time on the video. As this information is available on the video, it is extremely easy to interpret and see exactly what is happening on the test track.


Tire temperature logging throughout the track sessions

Up to 16 temperature points per sensor

120° and 60° field of view options

Pre-configured VBOX Video HD2 scene available

CAN Bus data output

Case Study

Porsche Carrera Cup GB evaluated tyre performance at a high degradation circuit using the VBOX Tire Temperature Monitoring System working alongside Michelin to provide safe parameters to the competitors.

Connection Options

The infrared temperature sensors need to be positioned directly opposite and central to each tire surface. Two 3.2 mm holes are available on either side of each sensor for securely mounting them to the chassis.

After the sensor installation is complete, the LEMO connector from the infrared Tire Temperature Monitoring loom must be plugged into the “CAN/SER” socket on the back of the VBOX HD2.

The tire temperature sensors can also be used with the VBOX Touch live display. For more information, please visit the TTMS product page.