CAN Gateway

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CAN GatewayThe VBOX CAN Gateway allows logging of vehicle CAN bus data in a VBOX system where secondary CAN modules such as the OLED display or analogue input modules are used.

Under normal circumstances, attempting to capture CAN data from a car as well as that from a module (such as the Mini or Micro Input Module) would lead to VBOX and VBOX Module data being put into the vehicle CAN Bus – with unpredictable and almost certainly unwanted results.

The CAN Gateway allows for both data streams to be logged by the VBOX Video HD2 without any of the module traffic going back onto the vehicle Bus.


  • Simplifies connection of wiring to OLED, modules and vehicle CAN bus.
  • Auto-detects the baud rate of the connected vehicle/sensor CAN bus
  • Simultaneous use of a VBOX input module and an OLED display
  • Simple USB configuration

VBOX Video HD2

CAN Gateway can be connected to a VBOX Video HD2 via a RLCAB006 cable (included in package) in order to record data from a vehicle CAN Bus and a Racelogic module at the same time.

It also allows the connection of an OLED Display (RLVBDSP04 or RLVBDSP05-L).

CAN Gateway Connecting to HD2



CAN Gateway back
    Connection for the RLVBDSP04 or RLVBDSP05-L OLED display.

  • CAN B Module
    Connection to input module. For example RLVBMIM01 Mini Input Module or RLVBMICIN01 Micro Input Module.

    Connection to VBOX Video HD2 CAN Bus.
  • CAN A Vehicle
    VBOX CAN Gateway will auto detect the baud rate of the connected vehicle/sensor CAN Bus. Data is captured and transferred to CAN B output for logging.

  • USB
    Configuration via PC. When connected to a PC via the supplied RLCAB117 USB cable, CAN Gateway will be powered and will appear as a USB drive, allowing configuration files to be placed directly onto it.