Here's an overview of the software features of our Circuit Tools analysis software, VBOX HD2 setup software and Video Split software. Download the latest versions of all our software here.

Circuit Tools Driver Analysis Software

CircuitTools logoCircuit Tools is a very powerful analysis software that comes with all data logging enabled VBOXs. The software is designed to automate many tasks and quickly present a driver with the crucial information required to improve lap times. Circuit Tools is now compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

VBOX Video HD2 Setup Software

VBHD2 Setup logoVBOX Video HD2 Setup Software allows you to adjust settings and configure the graphic overlays you wish to use on your videos.

To help get you started, a range of graphics are pre-loaded into the software, and a library of manufacturer specific scenes are available to download. You can also add your own logo to a default scene or even design your own gauges and dials from scratch.

The Setup software allows you to configure CAN connections, easily setup Maths Channels (e.g. hill gradient), and capture up to 11 OBD channels via a wireless Bluetooth module.

VBOX Video HD2 Setup software is now compatible with Windows and macOS devices and scene files (.vvhsn) are sharable between both versions.

HD2Setup Windows1 680

Video Split Software

Video Split logoThe new Video Split software enables you to easily extract a single lap or a section of interesting footage recorded by a VBOX so you can post just the interesting bits to social media.

Also, if you want to send just a lap with data to someone so they can view it in Circuit Tools, without having to send the whole video and data file (often many gigabytes in size), you can export just a single lap with the associated .vbo data, making transfer over the internet much more practical.

For corporate use, you can also add an intro video and automatically process multiple cards/usb sticks to save manual processing.

The software is set to detect the fastest lap once you have imported the .vbo session data, but you can change that to any lap you want. You can also add a comparison graph to a reference lap at the end of the video.

Video Split is particularly suited to applications where you are processing multiple driver sessions at a time, such as within driver experience environments. It allows you to automatically load files from removable media devices (USB stick / SD card), process the fastest lap of each session file and save them out in sequence.

The track location and specific layout is automatically detected when the file is loaded.

You can download the Video Split software here. The user manual and quick start guide are available on the Racelogic Support Centre.

Watch a software demonstration (audio doesn't start until half way through the video):