HD2 Ferrari Scenes

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You can see a preview and description of all Ferrari scene files available for HD2. Please download the relevant scene files (.VVHSN) and fonts (.OTF/.TTF) from the table below.

Scenes including CAN are already pre-configured - all you need to do is to download and import the new scene into VBOX Video Setup. The CAN Database is built into the HD2 Setup software, allowing you to easily assign CAN parameters to elements within each scene.

If you would like a customised version of any of the Ferrari scenes shown below, email vbox@racelogic.co.uk.

Ferrari Default

Ferrari Default Preview


Ferrari Dial Preview

This scene uses the following ...

  • Font: Orbitron
  • CAN parameters: None
  • Speed measurement: KM/H
  • Automatically configured track map

Filename Size Date
Ferrari-Default-KMH.VVHSN 3.01 MB 31-10-2018
Orbitron-Bold.OTF 19.91 KB 31-10-2018

For instructions on how to import a new VBOX Video scene visit the Racelogic Support Centre.