HD2 Tyre Temperature Monitoring

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Below you can find two IR Sensor calibration scenes, one for the front and one for rear sensors (IR Sensor Calibration FRONT.VVHSN & IR Sensor Calibration REAR.VVHSN). These are required to ensure full coverage of the tyre. 

We have also provided two VBOX Video HD2 scenes that include the tyre temperature sensors configuration in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible (Tyre_Temp_Basic.VVHSN and Tyre_Temperature_Monitoring_Full.VVHSN).

If you would like a customised version of the default scene, please email vbox@racelogic.co.uk.

Preview of the Basic Tyre Temperature Monitoring Scene

Tyre Temp Basic Preview

Filename Size Date
IR Sensor Calibration FRONT.VVHSN 50.86 KB 20-06-2018
IR Sensor Calibration REAR.VVHSN 50.88 KB 20-06-2018
Tyre_Temp_Basic.VVHSN 151.2 KB 20-06-2018
Tyre_Temperature_Monitoring_Full.VVHSN 151.02 KB 05-09-2018

Instructions on how to set up the tyre temperature monitoring system and configure a scene can be found here.