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nightscene Night Scene
Font used: DS Digital Bold (free) and Arial Rounded MT (commercial). Gauge in kph.
green classic Green Classic
Font used: DS Digital Bold (free). Gauge in mph.
blue scene Blue Scene
Font used: DS Digital Bold (free) and Iperion (commercial). Gauge in mph.
transparentgrey Transparent Grey
Font used: Eurostile Extended Bold LT2 (commercial). Gauge in kph.
Mopar-scene-file Vehicle Separation
Font used: Neuropol (free) and Iperion (commercial). Scene used for vehicle separation testing.
brake test scene Brake Test Scene
Font used: ITC Eras (free) and Iperion (commercial).
vehicle separation Mopar Scene File
No unusual fonts used. Scene includes a Mopar Speedometer (km/h), a VeloCittà circuit track map, G-force and lap times.

Filename Size
Blue.scn 790.02 KB
Brake Test.scn 783.34 KB
Green.scn 942.25 KB
TransparentGrey.scn 773.06 KB
VVB Night.scn 1.03 MB
Vehicle Separation.scn 1.17 MB
VeloCitta_Mopar.PAL.SCN 753.29 KB