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  • We believe that some of the biggest performance gains can come from driver improvement, and our goal is to make this process as fun and intuitive as possible; removing all of the complexity whilst remaining affordable for all levels of motorsport.
  • VBOX Video HD2 is the ultimate in video data logging for those who want to achieve better lap times and greater consistency at the wheel of their race car.
  • “The predictive laptimer is a fantastic piece of equipment, and something I use extensively in both racing and coaching. It’s got to the stage where I feel disadvantaged if there isn’t a Racelogic OLED in the car I’m driving.” Ben Clucas, former Australian F3 champion and now Kia factory driver in the US Pirelli Challenge.
  • Circuit Tools is a very powerful analysis software designed to give you instant access to the information you need to improve your lap times.

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