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We design and manufacture race car camera and data systems for all levels of motorsport.

At RACELOGIC we have been designing and using video enhanced data loggers in many different types of race cars for many years at all levels of motorsport.

We are passionate about racing and have used our own products to win a number of different championships, setting fastest laps and multiple pole positions along the way.

Our Products

You don't need to be an experienced race engineer to use VBOX, it's designed by racing drivers, for racing drivers.
Performance Box Touch

Performance Box Touch

4.3” color touchscreen performance meter with slope correction, lap timer and speed display.

VBOX LapTimer

Instant driver feedback, also available in a more compact size, helping you find valuable improvements in lap times.

VBOX Video HD2

1080p 60fps video logger with real-time data overlay from GPS and CAN bus data.

Live Video Streaming

This professional-grade wireless video encoder allows you to livestream VBOX Video HD2 generated video from the track straight to the pits, popular social media networks or online channels.

VBOX Sport

A lightweight, portable data logger that can be used in any vehicle and environment to measure performance or lap times.


Simulator software that extracts data from racing games, enabling the lap analysis in our popular Circuit Tools application.

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Vehicle CAN Database

Ready-to-use CAN signals for a wide range of vehicles for customers to use with VCI products.

Free HD2 Scene Files

Continuously expanding library of manufacturer specific graphic overlay scenes & elements.

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HD2 Scene Wizard

Quickly create a simplistic scene without having to use the VBOX Video Setup Software.


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Jason Hart - Racing Driver & Coach

“Often there is little time between sessions for meaningful video/data analysis. I credit the speed to validate and accurately define areas for time gain with VBOX and Circuit Tools software to be a major part of many Poles and Race Wins.”

Darren Burke - FIA Silver Pro-Driver & Grade-A ARDS Instructor

“I spend over 200 days or more a year on track, coaching drivers using the Racelogic VBOX. You can’t hide with the VBOX data and it is a great way to prove to drivers how they can improve on each corner and each sector of the circuit."

Mattias Ekstrom - FIA World Rallycross Champion

“I really enjoy working with the VBOX because I develop myself and the team all the time. I can recommend it to anyone, but I am not so sure if I want my biggest competitor to use it because then maybe they will catch me.”

What do you race?

We are passionate about all forms of motorsport and have products that will help you to hone your craft.

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