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VBOX Sim Pack Installer

Only compatible with Windows 10 or newer

1.1.25 - 12 Jun 2023

New Features

  • F1 2022 support
  • Manual game selection: In the help tab "Game Select" dropdown has been added which will force VBOX Sim to only look for that game.
  • Custom telemetry port for Codemasters games: If a game from the F1 series is selected with manual game selection, an option to change the UDP port used to communicate will be shown as a means of providing compatibility with other applications interacting with them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple of issues relating to data received from Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  • Fixed a couple of issues where the detected game would repeatedly switch, causing logging to stop.
  • Fixed a couple of issues around the handling of the iRacing data stream, which could cause errors in logged data.
  • Fixed several issues which could prevent a successful ibt vbo merge, resulting in lower accuracy vbo data.
  • Fixed several issues around communication with the VBOX LapTimer which could result in it not detecting a change in games, not receiving updates, or VBOX Sim logging stopping.
  • Various stability improvements.

1.0.63 - 19 Nov 2021

New Features

  • OBS video capture
  • Support for F1 2021
  • Support for RaceRoom

Bug Fixes

  • Various improvements to iRacing support
  • iRacing position translation didn’t work if no video was logged
  • Logging destination folder not being available no longer causes a crash

1.0.45 - 20 Jan 2021

New Features

  • Adds support for iRacing
  • Adds support for F1 2020
  • Autoplay video after using ‘Test Video’ function
  • Option to limit telemetry ‘listening’ to a specified sim

Bug Fixes

  • F1 2019 telemetry format now supported
  • Includes updated version of Circuit Tools

1.0.24 - Sep 2020

  • App renamed to VBOX Sim
  • Video capture device list now includes any detected video capture devices.
  • User interface improvements, including High DPI support
  • Network streaming feature added - can be used in conjunction with lap timing plug-in in VBOX Test Suite release 1.10 or later for live remote telemetry.
  • Additional circuits added
  • Installer now includes FTDI drivers for Laptimer connectivity.
  • Stability improvements for long-running sessions
  • Test video function improvements.

1.0.0 - Nov 2019

Release version