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New acceleration test screens for Performance Box Touch

30 July 2021

We're pleased to announce there is new firmware available to download for VBOX Touch Motorsport and Performance Box Touch. The new firmware (v1.4) adds new acceleration test screens (multiple tests like the original Performance Box, and best results), serial output (VBOX Touch only), and changes to the menu layout. A few minor bug fixes are included too.

New Acceleration Test Screens

It is now possible to conduct 4 concurrent acceleration tests, visible via 2 new acceleration screens - Secondary and Best Results. The new screens can be accessed by selecting the Forward and Back arrows on the bottom right of the screen when within Accel Mode or by swiping the screen left or right.

Serial Output (VBOX Touch only)

Serial output is now available from the top CAN/Serial port of VBOX Touch. It allows you to either connect VBOX Touch with a computer using an RLCAB001 and conduct online testing with VBOX Test Suite, or to output lap timing parameters.