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New cameras for VBOX Video HD2

24 October 2022

We have released a new and improved camera for VBOX HD2, which will replace the old RLACS222 cameras that we can no longer manufacture.

Key Features

  • A narrower lens angle
  • Higher resolution - more detail
  • Improved handling of exposure

The new cameras are distinguishable by an orange sticker and Lemo boot. A full specification for both cameras can be found on the RACELOGIC Support Centre.

The new RLACS329 camera is a direct replacement for the original camera, however they are only supported on VBOX HD2 main units that are version 5 (V5) or later. The HD2 version is printed on a silver sticker which can be found on the bottom of a VBOX HD2.

New VBOX Video HD2 firmware

New VBOX Video HD2 firmware has been released to support the new RLACS329 cameras, although there is no need to update if you are using the original (RLACS222) cameras.

Please note, 60FPS is not currently supported by the new RLACS329 camera at this stage, however we will endeavour to add support for 60FPS in the near future. A compatibility matrix to help identify which hardware combinations currently support 60FPS can be found HERE.


New VBOX Video Setup software

VBOX Video Setup has also been updated to version 1.6.294. This version includes information about supported 60FPS and HDMI modes with the new RLACS329 camera. There are also a number of other changes, including features and bug fixes. Please see the history notes for a full list.

Note, the Mac version of the setup software for VBOX HD2 has not been updated just yet, so the information about 60FPS and HDMI are not present at the moment. This will be added in the next release.

Firmware and software can be found on both the Motorsport and Automotive websites.