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Circuit Map Database - New tracks added

26 September 2023

We have added over 14 new tracks to our track map database and renamed TI Japan to Okayama.

Running the latest version of firmware, setup software, and Circuit Tools analysis software, should ensure that you’re using the latest track database. However, if you can't find the latest tracks on your device, you can update your circuits manually by installing the latest track map database.

To update the track map database, you will need to update your unit and your software

  • 1) Track database for your product (Performance Box Touch, VBOX Touch, VBOX LapTimer, VBOX Video HD2 or Video VBOX) and
  • 2) Track database for your software (Installer for Circuit Tools, Video VBOX Setup or VBOX Video Setup).

New tracks

  • Manton Park (Australia)
  • Meppen (Germany)
  • Cremona (Italy)
  • Spa Naoiri (Japan)
  • Motorcentre Norway (Norway)
  • Fafe (Portugal)
  • Lousada RX (Portugal)
  • Macao RX (Portugal)
  • Maspalomas (Canary Islands)
  • Gotland Ring 4.1 (Sweden)
  • Gotland Ring 7.3 (Sweden)
  • St Ursanne (Switzerland)
  • Bunny Loop (USA)
  • Podium Club (USA)
  • Taupo Motorsports Park 1 (New Zealand)
  • Taupo Motorsports Park 2 (New Zealand)
  • Loheac Rx (France)

Updated tracks

  • Maison Blanche 1 & 2 corrected names (France)
  • Yas Marina GP turn 4 update (UAE)
  • Snetterton 200 More resolution (UK)
  • Snetterton 300 More resolution (UK)
  • Snetterton Combo More resolution (UK)
  • The FIRM updated SF location (USA)