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Vehicle CAN Documents

RACELOGIC has ready-to-use CAN signals for a wide variety of vehicles for customers to use with VCI (Vehicle CAN Interface) products. Listed below are documents for each vehicle supported.

If your car is not in the list of vehicles for which we have signals, please send a CAN request using this form.

Whilst no guarantee is given that we will be able to find the correct database, we are always striving to acquire as much CAN information from as many vehicles as we can.

Instead of browsing below, you can visit our Vehicle CAN Database page to view information specific to your vehicle.

Vehicle Information

Please select the make and model of the vehicle or ECU to view the PDF Document.

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AcuraPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
TSX (CU2/CU4) 2009-2014TSX (CU2/CU4) 2009-2014Acura-TSX (CU2 CU4) 2009-2014.REF

AiMPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
ECU BridgeECU BridgeAiM-ECU Bridge.REF
EVO3 PistaEVO3 PistaAiM-EVO3 Pista.REF
MXL PistaMXL PistaAiM-MXL Pista.REF
MXL Pro05MXL Pro05AiM-MXL Pro05.REF
MXL StradaMXL StradaAiM-MXL Strada.REF
Solo 2 DLSolo 2 DLAiM-Solo 2 DL.REF

Alfa RomeoPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
147 (Type 937)147 (Type 937)Alfa Romeo-147 (Type 937).REF
4C (Type 960)4C (Type 960)Alfa Romeo-4C (Type 960).REF
Giulia (Type 952)Giulia (Type 952)Alfa Romeo-Giulia (Type 952).REF
StelvioStelvioAlfa Romeo-Stelvio.REF

AlsensePDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Wired Tyre Temperature SensorsWired Tyre Temperature SensorsAlsense-Wired Tyre Temperature Sensors.REF

ApriliaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
RSVR 1000RSVR 1000Aprilia-RSVR 1000.REF

ArielPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Atom CupAtom CupAriel-Atom Cup.REF

Aston MartinPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
V12 ZagatoV12 ZagatoAston Martin-V12 Zagato.REF
V8 VantageV8 VantageAston Martin-V8 Vantage.REF
VantageVantageAston Martin-Vantage.REF
Vantage GT3Vantage GT3Aston Martin-Vantage GT3.REF
Vantage GT4Vantage GT4Aston Martin-Vantage GT4.REF
Vantage GT4 N24Vantage GT4 N24Aston Martin-Vantage GT4 N24.REF

AudiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
A4 (B8) 2007 - 2015A4 (B8) 2007 - 2015Audi-A4 (B8) 2007 - 2015.REF
A4 (B9) 2016-2023A4 (B9) 2016-2023Audi-A4 (B9) 2016-2023.REF
A5 (B8) 2007 - 2016A5 (B8) 2007 - 2016Audi-A5 (B8) 2007 - 2016.REF
A6 (C7) 2011-2018A6 (C7) 2011-2018Audi-A6 (C7) 2011-2018.REF
A8 (D5) 2018-A8 (D5) 2018-Audi-A8 (D5) 2018-.REF
R8 (Type 42) 2006-2015R8 (Type 42) 2006-2015Audi-R8 (Type 42) 2006-2015.REF
TT (8J) 2006-2014TT (8J) 2006-2014Audi-TT (8J) 2006-2014.REF

BACPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

BMWPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
1 Series (E81/E82/E87/E88) 2004-20131 Series (E81/E82/E87/E88) 2004-2013BMW-1 Series (E81 E82 E87 E88) 2004-2013.REF
1 Series (F20/F21) 2011-20191 Series (F20/F21) 2011-2019BMW-1 Series (F20 F21) 2011-2019.REF
2 Series (F22/F23) 2014-20212 Series (F22/F23) 2014-2021BMW-2 Series (F22 F23) 2014-2021.REF
3 Series (E46) 1998-20053 Series (E46) 1998-2005BMW-3 Series (E46) 1998-2005.REF
3 Series (E90) 2005-20133 Series (E90) 2005-2013BMW-3 Series (E90) 2005-2013.REF
3 Series (F30/F31/F34) 2012-20203 Series (F30/F31/F34) 2012-2020BMW-3 Series (F30 F31 F34) 2012-2020.REF
3 Series (G20/G21) 2019-3 Series (G20/G21) 2019-BMW-3 Series (G20 G21) 2019-.REF
4 Series (F32) 2013-20204 Series (F32) 2013-2020BMW-4 Series (F32) 2013-2020.REF
5 Series (F10) 2010-20175 Series (F10) 2010-2017BMW-5 Series (F10) 2010-2017.REF
7 Series7 SeriesBMW-7 Series.REF
M2 CS Racing (F87) 2020-M2 CS Racing (F87) 2020-BMW-M2 CS Racing (F87) 2020-.REF
M235i RacingM235i RacingBMW-M235i Racing.REF
M3 (F80) 2014-2019M3 (F80) 2014-2019BMW-M3 (F80) 2014-2019.REF
M4 (F82/F83) 2014-M4 (F82/F83) 2014-BMW-M4 (F82 F83) 2014-.REF
M5 (F10) 2012-2016M5 (F10) 2012-2016BMW-M5 (F10) 2012-2016.REF
M5 (F90) 2018M5 (F90) 2018BMW-M5 (F90) 2018.REF
M6 GT3 - 2017M6 GT3 - 2017BMW-M6 GT3 - 2017.REF
X5 (E70) 2007-2013X5 (E70) 2007-2013BMW-X5 (E70) 2007-2013.REF
X7 (G07) 2019-X7 (G07) 2019-BMW-X7 (G07) 2019-.REF

CadillacPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
ATS 2013-2019ATS 2013-2019Cadillac-ATS 2013-2019.REF
CT6 2016-2020CT6 2016-2020Cadillac-CT6 2016-2020.REF
CTS 2014-2019CTS 2014-2019Cadillac-CTS 2014-2019.REF
SRX 2010-2016SRX 2010-2016Cadillac-SRX 2010-2016.REF

CaterhamPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
420R420RREF File not available - HD2 only
Caterham AcademyCaterham AcademyCaterham-Caterham Academy.REF
SP/300.RSP/300.RCaterham-SP 300.R.REF
Superlight R300Superlight R300Caterham-Superlight R300.REF
Superlight R400Superlight R400Caterham-Superlight R400.REF
Superlight R500Superlight R500Caterham-Superlight R500.REF
Superlight R600Superlight R600Caterham-Superlight R600.REF

CheryPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Exeed VXExeed VXChery-Exeed VX.REF

ChevroletPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Bolt 2017-Bolt 2017-Chevrolet-Bolt 2017-.REF
Camaro 2016-Camaro 2016-Chevrolet-Camaro 2016-.REF
Caprice 2011-2017Caprice 2011-2017Chevrolet-Caprice 2011-2017.REF
Corvette (C6) 2005-2013Corvette (C6) 2005-2013Chevrolet-Corvette (C6) 2005-2013.REF
Corvette (C7) 2014-2019Corvette (C7) 2014-2019Chevrolet-Corvette (C7) 2014-2019.REF
Corvette (C8) 2020-Corvette (C8) 2020-Chevrolet-Corvette (C8) 2020-.REF
Silverado (GMT T1xx) 2019-Silverado (GMT T1xx) 2019-Chevrolet-Silverado (GMT T1xx) 2019-.REF
Suburban (GMT900) 2007-2014Suburban (GMT900) 2007-2014Chevrolet-Suburban (GMT900) 2007-2014.REF
Tahoe (GMT900) 2007-2014Tahoe (GMT900) 2007-2014Chevrolet-Tahoe (GMT900) 2007-2014.REF
Volt 2011-2015Volt 2011-2015Chevrolet-Volt 2011-2015.REF

ChryslerPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
200 (2015-2017)200 (2015-2017)Chrysler-200 (2015-2017).REF
300 (2005-2010)300 (2005-2010)Chrysler-300 (2005-2010).REF
Pacifica (2016-2017)Pacifica (2016-2017)Chrysler-Pacifica (2016-2017).REF

CitroenPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

Continental TevesPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
MK60MK60Continental Teves-MK60.REF

DodgePDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Charger (LD) 2011-2017Charger (LD) 2011-2017Dodge-Charger (LD) 2011-2017.REF
Charger (LD) 2018-Charger (LD) 2018-Dodge-Charger (LD) 2018-.REF
Dart (PF) 2012-2017Dart (PF) 2012-2017Dodge-Dart (PF) 2012-2017.REF
Durango (ND) 2004-2009Durango (ND) 2004-2009Dodge-Durango (ND) 2004-2009.REF
Grand Caravan 2008-2020Grand Caravan 2008-2020Dodge-Grand Caravan 2008-2020.REF
Ram (DS/DJ/D2) 2009-2018Ram (DS/DJ/D2) 2009-2018Dodge-Ram (DS DJ D2) 2009-2018.REF
Viper (VX) 2013-2017Viper (VX) 2013-2017Dodge-Viper (VX) 2013-2017.REF

DTAFastPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
S100/S100 ProS100/S100 ProDTAFast-S100 S100 Pro.REF
S40/S40 ProS40/S40 ProDTAFast-S40 S40 Pro.REF
S60/S60 ProS60/S60 ProDTAFast-S60 S60 Pro.REF
S80/S80 ProS80/S80 ProDTAFast-S80 S80 Pro.REF

EmeraldPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

EmtronPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Predefined Tx Dataset 1Predefined Tx Dataset 1Emtron-Predefined Tx Dataset 1.REF

FerrariPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
458 Challenge458 ChallengeFerrari-458 Challenge.REF
458 GT2458 GT2Ferrari-458 GT2.REF
458 GT3458 GT3Ferrari-458 GT3.REF
488 Challenge488 ChallengeFerrari-488 Challenge.REF
488 Challenge (X710 Connector) 2020-488 Challenge (X710 Connector) 2020-Ferrari-488 Challenge (X710 Connector) 2020-.REF
488 Challenge 2018-488 Challenge 2018-Ferrari-488 Challenge 2018-.REF
488 GT3488 GT3Ferrari-488 GT3.REF
F430 GT3F430 GT3Ferrari-F430 GT3.REF

FiatPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
124 Spider 2017-124 Spider 2017-Fiat-124 Spider 2017-.REF
500 2007-500 2007-Fiat-500 2007-.REF
Tipo 2015-Tipo 2015-Fiat-Tipo 2015-.REF

FordPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Crown Victoria (EN114) 2004-2012Crown Victoria (EN114) 2004-2012Ford-Crown Victoria (EN114) 2004-2012.REF
EcoSport 2013-EcoSport 2013-Ford-EcoSport 2013-.REF
Escape 2013-2019Escape 2013-2019Ford-Escape 2013-2019.REF
Expedition (U553) 2018-2019Expedition (U553) 2018-2019Ford-Expedition (U553) 2018-2019.REF
Expedition (U553) 2020-Expedition (U553) 2020-Ford-Expedition (U553) 2020-.REF
Explorer (U502) 2011-2019Explorer (U502) 2011-2019Ford-Explorer (U502) 2011-2019.REF
Explorer (U625) 2020-Explorer (U625) 2020-Ford-Explorer (U625) 2020-.REF
F-150 (P415) 2009-2014F-150 (P415) 2009-2014Ford-F-150 (P415) 2009-2014.REF
F-150 (P552) 2015-2020F-150 (P552) 2015-2020Ford-F-150 (P552) 2015-2020.REF
F-250 (P558) 2017-F-250 (P558) 2017-Ford-F-250 (P558) 2017-.REF
Fiesta 2003-2008Fiesta 2003-2008Ford-Fiesta 2003-2008.REF
Fiesta 2009-2017Fiesta 2009-2017Ford-Fiesta 2009-2017.REF
Focus 2004-2011Focus 2004-2011Ford-Focus 2004-2011.REF
Focus 2011-2018Focus 2011-2018Ford-Focus 2011-2018.REF
Fusion 2006-2012Fusion 2006-2012Ford-Fusion 2006-2012.REF
Fusion/Mondeo 2013-Fusion/Mondeo 2013-Ford-Fusion Mondeo 2013-.REF
Kuga 2012-Kuga 2012-Ford-Kuga 2012-.REF
Mondeo 2007-2014Mondeo 2007-2014Ford-Mondeo 2007-2014.REF
Mustang (S197) 2005-2014Mustang (S197) 2005-2014Ford-Mustang (S197) 2005-2014.REF
Mustang (S550) 2015-2018Mustang (S550) 2015-2018Ford-Mustang (S550) 2015-2018.REF
Mustang (S550) 2019-Mustang (S550) 2019-Ford-Mustang (S550) 2019-.REF
Taurus 2010-2019Taurus 2010-2019Ford-Taurus 2010-2019.REF
Transit 2000-2012Transit 2000-2012Ford-Transit 2000-2012.REF
Transit 2013-2018Transit 2013-2018Ford-Transit 2013-2018.REF

GinettaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
G40 GT5G40 GT5Ginetta-G40 GT5.REF
G40 JuniorG40 JuniorGinetta-G40 Junior.REF
G55 GT4G55 GT4REF File not available - HD2 only
G55 GT4 SuperCupG55 GT4 SuperCupREF File not available - HD2 only
G57G57REF File not available - HD2 only

GumpertPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

HaltechPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Elite 1000Elite 1000Haltech-Elite 1000.REF
Elite 1500Elite 1500Haltech-Elite 1500.REF
Elite 2000Elite 2000Haltech-Elite 2000.REF
Elite 2500Elite 2500Haltech-Elite 2500.REF
Elite 550Elite 550Haltech-Elite 550.REF
Elite 750Elite 750Haltech-Elite 750.REF
Elite 950Elite 950Haltech-Elite 950.REF
Platinum Sport 1000Platinum Sport 1000Haltech-Platinum Sport 1000.REF

HoldenPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
HSV ClubSportHSV ClubSportHolden-HSV ClubSport.REF

HondaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Accord (CP) 2008-2012Accord (CP) 2008-2012Honda-Accord (CP) 2008-2012.REF
Accord (CR) 2012-2017Accord (CR) 2012-2017Honda-Accord (CR) 2012-2017.REF
Accord (CV1/2/3) 2018-Accord (CV1/2/3) 2018-Honda-Accord (CV1 2 3) 2018-.REF
Accord Hybrid (GX) 2013-2015Accord Hybrid (GX) 2013-2015Honda-Accord Hybrid (GX) 2013-2015.REF
Civic 2005-2011Civic 2005-2011Honda-Civic 2005-2011.REF
Civic 2011-2015Civic 2011-2015Honda-Civic 2011-2015.REF
Civic 2016-2021Civic 2016-2021Honda-Civic 2016-2021.REF
CR-V 2012-2016CR-V 2012-2016Honda-CR-V 2012-2016.REF
CR-V 2017-CR-V 2017-Honda-CR-V 2017-.REF
Insight 2010-2014Insight 2010-2014Honda-Insight 2010-2014.REF
Pilot (YF5/6) 2015-Pilot (YF5/6) 2015-Honda-Pilot (YF5 6) 2015-.REF

HondataPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

HyundaiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Accent (RB) 2011-2018Accent (RB) 2011-2018Hyundai-Accent (RB) 2011-2018.REF
Elantra (AD) 2016-2020Elantra (AD) 2016-2020Hyundai-Elantra (AD) 2016-2020.REF
Elantra GTElantra GTHyundai-Elantra GT.REF
Genesis (BH) 2009/2014Genesis (BH) 2009/2014Hyundai-Genesis (BH) 2009 2014.REF
Genesis Coupe (BK) 2009-2016Genesis Coupe (BK) 2009-2016Hyundai-Genesis Coupe (BK) 2009-2016.REF
i30 TCR - 2018i30 TCR - 2018Hyundai-i30 TCR - 2018.REF
Palisade (LX2) 2020-Palisade (LX2) 2020-Hyundai-Palisade (LX2) 2020-.REF
Santa Fe (CM) 2007-2013Santa Fe (CM) 2007-2013Hyundai-Santa Fe (CM) 2007-2013.REF
Santa Fe (TM) 2019-Santa Fe (TM) 2019-Hyundai-Santa Fe (TM) 2019-.REF
Santa Fe Sport (DM) 2013-2018Santa Fe Sport (DM) 2013-2018Hyundai-Santa Fe Sport (DM) 2013-2018.REF
Sante Fe (NC) 2013-2019Sante Fe (NC) 2013-2019Hyundai-Sante Fe (NC) 2013-2019.REF
Sonata (YF) 2010-2014Sonata (YF) 2010-2014Hyundai-Sonata (YF) 2010-2014.REF

InfinitiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

JaguarPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
F-Pace (X761) 2016-F-Pace (X761) 2016-Jaguar-F-Pace (X761) 2016-.REF
I-PACE 2018-I-PACE 2018-Jaguar-I-PACE 2018-.REF
XF (X260) 2015-XF (X260) 2015-Jaguar-XF (X260) 2015-.REF
XK (X150)XK (X150)Jaguar-XK (X150).REF

JeepPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Cherokee (KL) 2014-Cherokee (KL) 2014-Jeep-Cherokee (KL) 2014-.REF
Grand Cherokee (WK) 2005-2010Grand Cherokee (WK) 2005-2010Jeep-Grand Cherokee (WK) 2005-2010.REF
Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2011-2017Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2011-2017Jeep-Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2011-2017.REF
Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2018-2022Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2018-2022Jeep-Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2018-2022.REF
Renegade (BU) 2018-Renegade (BU) 2018-Jeep-Renegade (BU) 2018-.REF
Wrangler (JK) 2007-2018Wrangler (JK) 2007-2018Jeep-Wrangler (JK) 2007-2018.REF

KawasakiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Ninja ZX-10 2016-Ninja ZX-10 2016-Kawasaki-Ninja ZX-10 2016-.REF

KiaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
EV6 (CV) 2022-EV6 (CV) 2022-Kia-EV6 (CV) 2022-.REF
K5 (DL3) 2021-K5 (DL3) 2021-Kia-K5 (DL3) 2021-.REF
Optima (MG) 2005-2010Optima (MG) 2005-2010Kia-Optima (MG) 2005-2010.REF
Rio (UB) 2011-2017Rio (UB) 2011-2017Kia-Rio (UB) 2011-2017.REF
Rio (YB/SC) 2018-Rio (YB/SC) 2018-Kia-Rio (YB SC) 2018-.REF
Soul (AM) 2010-2013Soul (AM) 2010-2013Kia-Soul (AM) 2010-2013.REF
Soul (PS) 2014-2019Soul (PS) 2014-2019Kia-Soul (PS) 2014-2019.REF
Sportage (QL) 2017-2022Sportage (QL) 2017-2022Kia-Sportage (QL) 2017-2022.REF

KTMPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

LamborghiniPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Gallardo LP600 GT3Gallardo LP600 GT3Lamborghini-Gallardo LP600 GT3.REF
Huracan Performante 2018Huracan Performante 2018Lamborghini-Huracan Performante 2018.REF
Huracan Super TrofeoHuracan Super TrofeoREF File not available - HD2 only

Land RoverPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
DefenderDefenderLand Rover-Defender.REF
FreelanderFreelanderLand Rover-Freelander.REF
Range Rover EvoqueRange Rover EvoqueLand Rover-Range Rover Evoque.REF

LexusPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
GS (L10) 2012-2015GS (L10) 2012-2015Lexus-GS (L10) 2012-2015.REF
GS (L10) 2015-2020GS (L10) 2015-2020Lexus-GS (L10) 2015-2020.REF
IS (XE20) 2005-2013IS (XE20) 2005-2013Lexus-IS (XE20) 2005-2013.REF
IS (XE30) 2013-2017IS (XE30) 2013-2017Lexus-IS (XE30) 2013-2017.REF
LFA (LFA10) 2011-2012LFA (LFA10) 2011-2012Lexus-LFA (LFA10) 2011-2012.REF
LS (XF50) 2018-LS (XF50) 2018-Lexus-LS (XF50) 2018-.REF
NX (AZ10) 2015-2021NX (AZ10) 2015-2021Lexus-NX (AZ10) 2015-2021.REF
RX (AL10) 2010-2015RX (AL10) 2010-2015Lexus-RX (AL10) 2010-2015.REF

Life RacingPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
F88F88Life Racing-F88.REF

LigierPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

LincolnPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
MKZ 2013-MKZ 2013-Lincoln-MKZ 2013-.REF

LotusPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Elise S3 Cup RElise S3 Cup RLotus-Elise S3 Cup R.REF
Exige CupExige CupLotus-Exige Cup.REF
Exige V6 CupExige V6 CupLotus-Exige V6 Cup.REF

MaxxECUPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
MaxxECU V1.2MaxxECU V1.2MaxxECU-MaxxECU V1.2.REF

MazdaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
2 (DE) 2007-20142 (DE) 2007-2014Mazda-2 (DE) 2007-2014.REF
3 2008-20133 2008-2013Mazda-3 2008-2013.REF
3 2014-20183 2014-2018Mazda-3 2014-2018.REF
6 2012-6 2012-Mazda-6 2012-.REF
CX-5 (KF) 2017-CX-5 (KF) 2017-Mazda-CX-5 (KF) 2017-.REF
CX-9 (TB) 2007-2015CX-9 (TB) 2007-2015Mazda-CX-9 (TB) 2007-2015.REF
CX-9 (TC) 2016-CX-9 (TC) 2016-Mazda-CX-9 (TC) 2016-.REF
Demio (DE) 2007-2014Demio (DE) 2007-2014Mazda-Demio (DE) 2007-2014.REF
MX-5 (NC) 2005-2015MX-5 (NC) 2005-2015Mazda-MX-5 (NC) 2005-2015.REF
MX-5 (ND) 2015-MX-5 (ND) 2015-Mazda-MX-5 (ND) 2015-.REF
RX-8 2003-2012RX-8 2003-2012Mazda-RX-8 2003-2012.REF

McLarenPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

MercedesPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
A-Class (W169) 2004-2012A-Class (W169) 2004-2012Mercedes-A-Class (W169) 2004-2012.REF
AMG GT (C190/R190) 2015-AMG GT (C190/R190) 2015-Mercedes-AMG GT (C190 R190) 2015-.REF
AMG GT4 - 2018AMG GT4 - 2018Mercedes-AMG GT4 - 2018.REF
C-Class (W203) 2001-2007C-Class (W203) 2001-2007Mercedes-C-Class (W203) 2001-2007.REF
C-Class (W204) 2008-2014C-Class (W204) 2008-2014Mercedes-C-Class (W204) 2008-2014.REF
C-Class (W205) 2015-2021C-Class (W205) 2015-2021Mercedes-C-Class (W205) 2015-2021.REF
CLS-Class (W218) 2011-2018CLS-Class (W218) 2011-2018Mercedes-CLS-Class (W218) 2011-2018.REF
E-Class (W212) 2010-2016E-Class (W212) 2010-2016Mercedes-E-Class (W212) 2010-2016.REF
E-Class (W213) 2016-E-Class (W213) 2016-Mercedes-E-Class (W213) 2016-.REF
GLA-Class (X156) 2014-2020GLA-Class (X156) 2014-2020Mercedes-GLA-Class (X156) 2014-2020.REF
GLC-Class (X253/C253) 2016-GLC-Class (X253/C253) 2016-Mercedes-GLC-Class (X253 C253) 2016-.REF
GLS-Class (X167) 2020-GLS-Class (X167) 2020-Mercedes-GLS-Class (X167) 2020-.REF
S-Class (W221) 2006-2014S-Class (W221) 2006-2014Mercedes-S-Class (W221) 2006-2014.REF
SLK (R172) 2011-2020SLK (R172) 2011-2020Mercedes-SLK (R172) 2011-2020.REF
SLS (C197/R197) 2010-2015SLS (C197/R197) 2010-2015Mercedes-SLS (C197 R197) 2010-2015.REF
Sprinter (906) 2006-2018Sprinter (906) 2006-2018Mercedes-Sprinter (906) 2006-2018.REF

MiniPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
(F56) 2014-(F56) 2014-Mini-(F56) 2014-.REF
(R50) 2000-2006(R50) 2000-2006Mini-(R50) 2000-2006.REF
(R56) 2006-2016(R56) 2006-2016Mini-(R56) 2006-2016.REF

MitsubishiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
L200 (2015-)L200 (2015-)Mitsubishi-L200 (2015-).REF
Mirage 2012-Mirage 2012-Mitsubishi-Mirage 2012-.REF

MoTeCPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
ACLACLREF File not available - HD2 only
ADL2ADL2REF File not available - HD2 only
ADL3ADL3REF File not available - HD2 only
All other VariantsAll other VariantsREF File not available - HD2 only
C1212C1212REF File not available - HD2 only
C125C125REF File not available - HD2 only
C127C127REF File not available - HD2 only
C1812C1812REF File not available - HD2 only
C185C185REF File not available - HD2 only
C187C187REF File not available - HD2 only
CDL3CDL3REF File not available - HD2 only
D153D153REF File not available - HD2 only
D175D175REF File not available - HD2 only
EDL3EDL3REF File not available - HD2 only
M1 SeriesM1 SeriesREF File not available - HD2 only
M400M400REF File not available - HD2 only
M600M600REF File not available - HD2 only
M800M800REF File not available - HD2 only
M84M84REF File not available - HD2 only
M880M880REF File not available - HD2 only

NissanPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
350Z (Z33) 2003-2009350Z (Z33) 2003-2009Nissan-350Z (Z33) 2003-2009.REF
370Z (Z34) 2009-2020370Z (Z34) 2009-2020Nissan-370Z (Z34) 2009-2020.REF
Cima (Y51) 2012-Cima (Y51) 2012-Nissan-Cima (Y51) 2012-.REF
Cube (Z11) 2009-2019Cube (Z11) 2009-2019Nissan-Cube (Z11) 2009-2019.REF
Frontier (D40) 2004-2021Frontier (D40) 2004-2021Nissan-Frontier (D40) 2004-2021.REF
Fuga (Y51) 2009-Fuga (Y51) 2009-Nissan-Fuga (Y51) 2009-.REF
GT-R (R35)GT-R (R35)Nissan-GT-R (R35).REF
Juke (F15) 2011-2018Juke (F15) 2011-2018Nissan-Juke (F15) 2011-2018.REF
Micra (K12) 2003-2010Micra (K12) 2003-2010Nissan-Micra (K12) 2003-2010.REF
Note (E12) 2013-2019Note (E12) 2013-2019Nissan-Note (E12) 2013-2019.REF
Pathfinder (R52) 2013-2017Pathfinder (R52) 2013-2017Nissan-Pathfinder (R52) 2013-2017.REF
Pathfinder (R52) 2018-2021Pathfinder (R52) 2018-2021Nissan-Pathfinder (R52) 2018-2021.REF
Rogue (T32) 2014-2017Rogue (T32) 2014-2017Nissan-Rogue (T32) 2014-2017.REF
Rogue (T32) 2018-2020Rogue (T32) 2018-2020Nissan-Rogue (T32) 2018-2020.REF
Versa (N17) 2011-2017Versa (N17) 2011-2017Nissan-Versa (N17) 2011-2017.REF

NoblePDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

NormaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

PeugeotPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
308 (T7) 2007-2013308 (T7) 2007-2013Peugeot-308 (T7) 2007-2013.REF
308 (T9) 2013-308 (T9) 2013-Peugeot-308 (T9) 2013-.REF

PorschePDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
718 Boxster (982)718 Boxster (982)Porsche-718 Boxster (982).REF
718 Cayman (982)718 Cayman (982)Porsche-718 Cayman (982).REF
718 Cayman GT4 (982)718 Cayman GT4 (982)Porsche-718 Cayman GT4 (982).REF
718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport (982)718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport (982)Porsche-718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport (982).REF
718 Spyder (982)718 Spyder (982)Porsche-718 Spyder (982).REF
911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1Porsche-911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1.REF
911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1 - Bosch Connector911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1 - Bosch ConnectorPorsche-911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen1 - Bosch Connector.REF
911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen2911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen2Porsche-911 (991) GT3 Cup Gen2.REF
911 (991.1) 2012-2015911 (991.1) 2012-2015Porsche-911 (991.1) 2012-2015.REF
911 (991.2) 2015-2019911 (991.2) 2015-2019Porsche-911 (991.2) 2015-2019.REF
911 (991.2) GT2RS Clubsport911 (991.2) GT2RS ClubsportPorsche-911 (991.2) GT2RS Clubsport.REF
911 (992) 2019-911 (992) 2019-Porsche-911 (992) 2019-.REF
911 (992) GT3 Cup911 (992) GT3 CupPorsche-911 (992) GT3 Cup.REF
911 (996) 1998-2006911 (996) 1998-2006Porsche-911 (996) 1998-2006.REF
911 (997) GT3911 (997) GT3Porsche-911 (997) GT3.REF
996 / 997 Cup996 / 997 CupPorsche-996 997 Cup.REF
Boxster (981) 2012-2016Boxster (981) 2012-2016Porsche-Boxster (981) 2012-2016.REF
Boxster (987) 2005-2012Boxster (987) 2005-2012Porsche-Boxster (987) 2005-2012.REF
Cayman (981) 2012-2016Cayman (981) 2012-2016Porsche-Cayman (981) 2012-2016.REF
Cayman (981) GT4 2015-2016Cayman (981) GT4 2015-2016Porsche-Cayman (981) GT4 2015-2016.REF
Cayman (981) GT4 ClubsportCayman (981) GT4 ClubsportPorsche-Cayman (981) GT4 Clubsport.REF
Cayman (981) GT4 Clubsport with CAN GatewayCayman (981) GT4 Clubsport with CAN GatewayPorsche-Cayman (981) GT4 Clubsport with CAN Gateway.REF
Cayman (987) 2005-2012Cayman (987) 2005-2012Porsche-Cayman (987) 2005-2012.REF
Panamera e-Hybrid 2018Panamera e-Hybrid 2018Porsche-Panamera e-Hybrid 2018.REF

RacelogicPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Tyre Temperature SensorsTyre Temperature SensorsRacelogic-Tyre Temperature Sensors.REF

RadicalPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
RXC 600RRXC 600RRadical-RXC 600R.REF
RXC GT - RoadRXC GT - RoadRadical-RXC GT - Road.REF
RXC SpyderRXC SpyderRadical-RXC Spyder.REF

RamPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Pickup (DT) 2019-Pickup (DT) 2019-Ram-Pickup (DT) 2019-.REF

RenaultPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Clio Cup (Cosworth ECU)Clio Cup (Cosworth ECU)Renault-Clio Cup (Cosworth ECU).REF
Clio Cup (Pectel ECU)Clio Cup (Pectel ECU)Renault-Clio Cup (Pectel ECU).REF
Clio Cup III (Magneti Marelli)Clio Cup III (Magneti Marelli)Renault-Clio Cup III (Magneti Marelli).REF
Clio III (2005-2014)Clio III (2005-2014)Renault-Clio III (2005-2014).REF
Clio Renault Sport 172Clio Renault Sport 172Renault-Clio Renault Sport 172.REF
Megane 2008-2014Megane 2008-2014Renault-Megane 2008-2014.REF
Megane II (2002-2010)Megane II (2002-2010)Renault-Megane II (2002-2010).REF

RivianPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
R1T 2022-R1T 2022-Rivian-R1T 2022-.REF

SaabPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

ScionPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
FR-S (ZN6) 2012-2016FR-S (ZN6) 2012-2016Scion-FR-S (ZN6) 2012-2016.REF

SeatPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Leon SupercopaLeon SupercopaSeat-Leon Supercopa.REF
Leon TCRLeon TCRSeat-Leon TCR.REF

SkodaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Fabia R5Fabia R5Skoda-Fabia R5.REF

SmartPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

SsangYongPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)

SubaruPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
BRZ (ZC6) 2012-2021BRZ (ZC6) 2012-2021Subaru-BRZ (ZC6) 2012-2021.REF
BRZ (ZD8) 2022-BRZ (ZD8) 2022-Subaru-BRZ (ZD8) 2022-.REF
Forester (SH) 2008-2013Forester (SH) 2008-2013Subaru-Forester (SH) 2008-2013.REF
Forester (SJ) 2014-2018Forester (SJ) 2014-2018Subaru-Forester (SJ) 2014-2018.REF
Impreza 2007-2011Impreza 2007-2011Subaru-Impreza 2007-2011.REF
Impreza WRX 2015-2017Impreza WRX 2015-2017Subaru-Impreza WRX 2015-2017.REF
Legacy/Outback 2010-2014Legacy/Outback 2010-2014Subaru-Legacy Outback 2010-2014.REF
Legacy/Outback 2015-2018Legacy/Outback 2015-2018Subaru-Legacy Outback 2015-2018.REF

SuzukiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Swift (A2L) 2017-Swift (A2L) 2017-Suzuki-Swift (A2L) 2017-.REF
Swift (AZG) 2010-2017Swift (AZG) 2010-2017Suzuki-Swift (AZG) 2010-2017.REF

TeslaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Model 3Model 3Tesla-Model 3.REF
Model S/XModel S/XTesla-Model S X.REF

ToyotaPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
86 (ZN6) 2012-202186 (ZN6) 2012-2021Toyota-86 (ZN6) 2012-2021.REF
Auris S2000Auris S2000Toyota-Auris S2000.REF
Avalon (XX30) 2005-2012Avalon (XX30) 2005-2012Toyota-Avalon (XX30) 2005-2012.REF
Avalon (XX40) 2013-2018Avalon (XX40) 2013-2018Toyota-Avalon (XX40) 2013-2018.REF
Camry (XV40) 2007-2011Camry (XV40) 2007-2011Toyota-Camry (XV40) 2007-2011.REF
Camry (XV50) 2012-2017Camry (XV50) 2012-2017Toyota-Camry (XV50) 2012-2017.REF
Camry (XV70) 2018-Camry (XV70) 2018-Toyota-Camry (XV70) 2018-.REF
Corolla (E140) 2006-2013Corolla (E140) 2006-2013Toyota-Corolla (E140) 2006-2013.REF
Corolla (E210) 2019-Corolla (E210) 2019-Toyota-Corolla (E210) 2019-.REF
GR Yaris 2020-GR Yaris 2020-Toyota-GR Yaris 2020-.REF
GR86 (ZN8) 2022-GR86 (ZN8) 2022-Toyota-GR86 (ZN8) 2022-.REF
Highlander (XU50) 2014-2017Highlander (XU50) 2014-2017Toyota-Highlander (XU50) 2014-2017.REF
Highlander (XU50) 2018-2019Highlander (XU50) 2018-2019Toyota-Highlander (XU50) 2018-2019.REF
iA (DJ) 2016-2018iA (DJ) 2016-2018Toyota-iA (DJ) 2016-2018.REF
iQ (AJ10) 2008-2015iQ (AJ10) 2008-2015Toyota-iQ (AJ10) 2008-2015.REF
Land CruiserLand CruiserToyota-Land Cruiser.REF
Prius (XW20) 2003-2009Prius (XW20) 2003-2009Toyota-Prius (XW20) 2003-2009.REF
Prius (XW30) 2010-2015Prius (XW30) 2010-2015Toyota-Prius (XW30) 2010-2015.REF
RAV4 (XA50) 2019-RAV4 (XA50) 2019-Toyota-RAV4 (XA50) 2019-.REF
Sequoia (XK30/XK40) 2001-2007Sequoia (XK30/XK40) 2001-2007Toyota-Sequoia (XK30 XK40) 2001-2007.REF
Sequoia (XK60) 2008-2017Sequoia (XK60) 2008-2017Toyota-Sequoia (XK60) 2008-2017.REF
Sienna (XL30) 2011-2017Sienna (XL30) 2011-2017Toyota-Sienna (XL30) 2011-2017.REF
Supra (Mk5/J29/DB) 2019-Supra (Mk5/J29/DB) 2019-Toyota-Supra (Mk5 J29 DB) 2019-.REF
Tacoma (N2x0) 2005-2015Tacoma (N2x0) 2005-2015Toyota-Tacoma (N2x0) 2005-2015.REF
Tundra (XK50) 2007-2017Tundra (XK50) 2007-2017Toyota-Tundra (XK50) 2007-2017.REF
Tundra (XK50) 2018-2021Tundra (XK50) 2018-2021REF File not available - HD2 only
Venza (AV10) 2008-2015Venza (AV10) 2008-2015Toyota-Venza (AV10) 2008-2015.REF

TrumpchiPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
GS8 2016-GS8 2016-Trumpchi-GS8 2016-.REF

VauxhallPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Astra 2004-2010Astra 2004-2010Vauxhall-Astra 2004-2010.REF
Corsa E 2014-Corsa E 2014-Vauxhall-Corsa E 2014-.REF

VolkswagenPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
Atlas (CA1) 2018-Atlas (CA1) 2018-Volkswagen-Atlas (CA1) 2018-.REF
Golf MK7 2013-2021Golf MK7 2013-2021Volkswagen-Golf MK7 2013-2021.REF
Golf R 2018Golf R 2018Volkswagen-Golf R 2018.REF
ID.4 2020-ID.4 2020-Volkswagen-ID.4 2020-.REF
Jetta (A6) 2011-2018Jetta (A6) 2011-2018Volkswagen-Jetta (A6) 2011-2018.REF
Passat (B8) 2015-2021Passat (B8) 2015-2021Volkswagen-Passat (B8) 2015-2021.REF

VolvoPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)
S60 2010-2018S60 2010-2018Volvo-S60 2010-2018.REF
XC60 2008-2017XC60 2008-2017Volvo-XC60 2008-2017.REF
XC60 2018-XC60 2018-Volvo-XC60 2018-.REF
XC90 2015-XC90 2015-Volvo-XC90 2015-.REF

ZenosPDF DocumentCAN Database File (REF)