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Circuit Tools

Circuit Tools analysis software is aimed squarely at drivers rather than engineers and is quick and simple to use.

You don’t need to be a computer whizzkid to work out where you are going wrong and the simple remedies you can apply to get it right.


Two Camera Inputs

Easy To Use

Designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software
CAN Bus Input

Huge Track Database

Automatically detects the country, circuit and track configuration from a database of over 800 circuits.
HD Video

Side by Side Video

Watch video side by side in slow motion to see the lines taken by each driver. You can move the video one sample at a time with a simple key combination.
Graphic Overlay

Fastest Lap First

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window. The video is moved to the start of this lap.
HDMI Option


Circuit Tools is compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.
Predictive Lap Timing

Time Difference Channel

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps.
Free Analysis Software

The Quickest Way To Go Faster

The software automates many tasks and quickly gives you the crucial information required to improve lap times.

Free Analysis Software

Circuit Tools data analysis software is free to download and use. We even supply example data.

Circuit Tools for Windows

Circuit Tools has been designed by racing drivers, for racing drivers, to quickly provide information that is key to improving lap times.
See how easy Circuit Tools is to use in the video below:

Fastest Lap First

This feature is unique to Circuit Tools

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window.

You can compare runs from your latest session, or from different days, drivers or sessions simply by importing them and clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.


The data window displays the values of the channels which have been logged at the position of the graph cursor. By default, Speed and Delta-T are displayed.

Delta-Time Trace

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps, e.g. your last vs. your fastest lap or your best vs. another drivers lap. Use this to pin-point areas for improvement.

Circuit Tools for Apple Devices

  • Circuit Tools iOS will run on any Apple device with iOS version 8.4 or later installed.
    The app can also analyse data without video from RACELOGIC's other data loggers, including VBOX Touch,
    Video VBOX and VBOX Sport.

    iOS CircuitTools

    Lap Times

    The best lap from any loaded session as well as an 'ideal' lap created from the best of each
    sector time across the session will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. By default,
    the fastest lap will be selected. A second lap can then be chosen to compare against.

    iOS LapTimes CircuitTools


    The map pane shows both the circuit overlay and the line taken by the selected lap(s).

    iOS Map CircuitTools


    A video for each selected lap is shown.
    The faster lap will have a green border, whilst the slower lap has a red border.

    iOS Video CircuitTools

    Data Graph

    This area displays data (e.g. speed, delta-T) from the selected laps. When multiple files are
    loaded, the fastest lap from each file will be automatically selected for comparison.
    iOS Graph CircuitTools

    Loading Data

    The Circuit Tools app is designed to work in conjunction with a VBOX Video HD2
    and the following Wi-Fi SD card readers:
    • RAVPower FileHub Plus RP-WD03
    • RAVPower FileHub Wireless Travel Router RP-WD007
    • Toshiba Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD

    The app can also analyse data without video from Racelogic's other data loggers
    including VBOX Touch, Video VBOX and VBOX Sport.
    Data files can be loaded into the app via Dropbox.

  • Circuit Tools macOS is very powerful analysis software that
    allows you to examine your track performance on your MacBook or iMac (operating on macOS 10.12 and higher).
    Analysis of every brake or turn-in point is easily achieved using the simple yet dynamic interface.

    macOS CircuitTools

    Lap Times

    Your Fastest Lap number is highlighted automatically in Green, whilst the fastest times
    from each section are shown at the base of the table, indicating your ‘Ideal’ lap time.

    macOS LapTimes CircuitTools

    Graph Data

    The graph allows channel data for the selected laps to be compared. A coloured bar at the
    top of the graph shows where each split is in relation to the graph data.

    macOS Graph CircuitTools


    A video for the selected laps are shown. The faster lap has a Green border.

    macOS Video CircuitTools


    The Map pane shows both the circuit layout and the line taken in the selected laps.
    Each split is designated a colour making it easier to reference the data within the graph.

    macOS Map CircuitTools

Circuit Tools Tutorials

1) Loading a file

2) Selecting a lap to compare data

3) Changing window layouts

4) Navigating the graph

5) Video controls

Sample Data

Would you like to try Circuit Tools at home?
Watch this video and download the accompanying video and data files for replay in Circuit Tools.