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Product discontinued!

Record vehicle performance characteristics such as drift angle, g-force, speed, distance, lap & split times and acceleration.

  • Accurate GPS data logging at 10 Hz
  • Drift analyser, performance meter and lap timer
  • Inbuilt GPS antenna
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • Data logging to SD card


Two Camera Inputs

Drift Mode

Real-time view of drift parameters and key drift data, such as speed, drift angle, g-force and score.
HD Video

7 Operation Modes

Choose between drift, lap timing, performance, predictive lap timing, speed display and input module display mode.
CAN Bus Input

SD Card Logging

All parameters are logged to an SD memory card ten times per second for later review and comparison.

Inbuilt GPS Antenna

DriftBox contains a high-performance 10 Hz GPS engine coupled with a high accuracy temperature compensated inertial sensor.

RPM Logging

Get RPM and up to 4 analogue signals when connected to a Micro Input Module.


The high-performance 10 Hz GPS engine is coupled with a high accuracy temperature compensated inertial sensor to provide a wealth of information in a compact size.

You can operate DriftBox in seven different modes: drift, lap timing, performance, predictive lap timing, speed display and input module display.

Drift Mode

Real-time view of drift parameters and calculation of key drift data.

Speed: Current, Peak and Average
Drift Angle: Current, Peak and Average
G-force: Peak and Average
Score: Current and Total
Performance Mode

Acceleration: 0-60, 0-100. Displays: time, g-force

Braking: 60-0, 100-0. Displays: time, distance, g-force

Distance: 60’, ¼ mile, ½ mile, 1 mile. Displays: time, trap speed

Live G-Meter: acceleration, deceleration, cornering g-forces, with max-G

Power Mode

Wheel HP Calculation: Enter your vehicle’s weight and run an acceleration to estimate wheel horsepower.

Flywheel HP Calculation: Perform a coast-down test to measure drag, and the DriftBox will calculate HP at the flywheel.

Speed Display

Speed: DriftBox also works as a highly accurate digital speedometer with compass, a handy feature for street driving.

Accurate GPS speed can be used to calibrate a vehicle's speed readout.

Predictive Mode

Predictive mode enables you to graphically view your predicted lap time.

Predictive lap timing works by saving your position around a circuit, every second. If the current lap is the fastest so far, then this positional data is saved as a reference.

Lap Timing Mode

Lap Time: Displays current lap, last lap, best lap.

Split Times: Displays split time or speed at a split point.

Virtual Start/Finish/Split Lines: Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter. Split lines can be easily saved and transferred.

Input Mode

This screen provides the ability to configure the input channels of a connected Micro Input Module and view the data on each of the input module channels.

A Micro Input Module allows 4 analogue and 1 digital (RPM) inputs.

Powerful Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite

VBOX Test Suite, our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the analysis of vehicle acceleration and brake test data quick and clear.

Dedicated plugins and visual aids such as charts, graphs and tables allow you to analyse your data in more detail.

Chart Area

Acceleration Test

The chart area gives a graphical representation of the data contained within your test file, in this case three runs from a 0 to 60 mph.

Any channel (e.g. Speed against Time) can be set as X/Y axis, and multiple channels and files can be overlaid.

Track Map Position

Accel Test

The map area shows a positional trace from either the saved data contained within a file or real time live data.

Selecting 'Show Aerial Image/Road Map' dropdown menu will overlay either an aerial image or road map from Bing Maps onto the map area.

Test Result Table

Accel Test
The test results area displays all of the results from the current test. Within this area it is possible to include/exclude results from the chart area, display the average/max/min values and also easily identify any runs which have not met the pass criteria.

Circuit Tools

Circuit Tools is designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software.

The software will automate many tasks and give you all the information required to improve lap times.

Circuit Tools is now compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Add-ons and Accessories

In-car power supply

2 m power supply for connection to in-car 12 V auxiliary socket.

Replacement Suction Cups

A set of 3 suction cups for the DriftBox mounting cradle

Battery Pack

The battery pack gives approximately eight hours of power from a full charge.

Micro Input Module

The module allows you to record one frequency (RPM) and four analogue signals.