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contains VVB and VB HD2 scene files

Video VBOX Scene files

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Once you have registered your Video VBOX it is possible to download some additional scenes to edit and use.

vvb-generic porschelogo fordlogo ferrarilogo lambologo chevroletlogo aim logo
audilogo lotus logo mercedes logo nissan logo motorbikelogo aviationlogo  

These scenes have been created by Racelogic staff, dealers, and customers but are unlicensed and free to use as you wish. Most have been created to represent certain vehicles or marques.

HD2 Scene Files

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There are two ways to create a graphical overlay file (scene file) for your video.

1) VBOX Video Setup Software

VBOX Video HD2 Setup Software allows you to adjust settings and configure the graphic overlays you wish to use on your videos. To help get you started, a range of graphics are pre-loaded into the software, and a library of manufacturer specific scenes are available to download below.

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2) Online Scene Wizard

If you would like to quickly create a simplistic scene without using Setup Software, an Online Scene Wizard is available, which enables you to quickly choose from a selection of template designs containing the elements included within the default scene. You can select specific car parameters from our CAN database and also add your own logo. The scene can then be uploaded on to the unit by saving to an SD card and inserting into the powered VBOX.

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Main HD2 Preview Screen

The CAN database is built into the HD2 setup software, allowing you to easily assign CAN parameters to elements within each scene. If your model is not listed in the database we are afraid we do not have the relevant CAN channels to support that particular scene.

HD2 Scene Library

Library of brand and manufacturer specific scene files for VBOX Video HD2.

Dash Displays

European Vehicle Manufacturers

US Vehicle Manufacturers



Tyre Temperature Monitoring

Scene files for Video VBOX Lite, Video VBOX Pro and Video VBOX Waterproof can be found here.