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VBOX LapTimer for Sim Racing

11 November 2019

Another activity likely to increase as track time drops off is the use of simulators to learn new tracks, keep reactions sharp and maintain muscle memory.

Now you can use the VBOX Sim Pack to help improve your virtual lap times in the same way you do in the real world. The new VBOX Sim Pack (RLVBSIMPACK) is a VBOX LapTimer package for Esports & Sim Racing that allows eRacers to benefit from the same predictive lap timing technology as used throughout the track-based motorsport world.

Acting in the same way as it would on track, a VBOX LapTimer is able to use the serial race data - this time collected from the PC – to provide invaluable insight into how the current lap time compares with the fastest. In addition, the high brightness colour LEDs give an indication of the speed relative to your fastest lap.

Existing VBOX Lap Timer users can retrospectively upgrade to the VBOX Sim Pack by addition of a few cables, a capture card and the relevant downloads (VBOX Accessory Package for Esports & Sim Racing).