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Performance Box Touch

Touch screen performance meter with live slope correction, lap timer and speed display.

  • 4.3” colour touchscreen
  • Performance, lap timing & speed display
  • 25 Hz GPS data logging
  • Up to 6 hrs battery lifetime
  • Powerful data analysis software
  • Inbuilt GPS antenna


Two Camera Inputs

Large Touch Screen

4.3" TFT daylight readable capacitive touch screen, 480*800 pixels
HD Video

Live Slope Correction

The slope correct function for accel tests will correct the acceleration time result relative to the gradient the test was performed on and display the result live on screen.

CAN Bus Input

6 hrs battery lifetime

Optional clip-on battery allows you to record for up to 6 hours without plugging in the power lead.


Inbuilt GNSS Antenna

25 Hz GNSS receiver with internal patch antenna and optional external GNSS antenna (overrides the internal antenna when connected)

SD Card Logging

All these parameters are logged to an SD card ten times per second and can be viewed and analysed in detail using the supplied software.

Operation Modes

Performance Box Touch has 4 modes available which allow you to conduct a range of performance tests and functions: Acceleration, Deceleration, Lap Time and Speed.

  • Primary Screen

  • Secondary Screen

  • Best Results

  • Results

Acceleration Testing

  • Acceleration tests: 0–60, 0–100, 100–200 km/h or mph.
  • Concurrent acceleration tests: Since firmware 1.4, it is possible to conduct four concurrent acceleration tests, visible via two new acceleration screens - Secondary and Best Results.
  • Other predefined tests: 0–100–0, 0–200–0, 0–300-0 and 0–400-0 km/h or mph tests or distance including 0–400 and 0–1000 meters as well as 0–¼ mile and 0–½ mile.
  • Custom tests can be configured, and other options include enabling or disabling alert at end of test, one-foot rollout and slope correction.
  • Screen displays time, run number, distance, VMAX, Peak G and altitude difference.
  • 100-0 KM/H

  • Results

Deceleration Testing

  • Deceleration tests: 60-0, 100-0, 200–0, 300–0 km/h or mph.
  • Custom tests, allowing the user to define their own configurable settings.
  • Screen displays time, run number, distance, Peak G and altitude difference. Units of measurement for speed or distance can be displayed in metric or imperial and easily swapped between.
  • Delta -T Main

  • Delta -T Main

  • Delta -T Main

  • Creating Reference Lap

  • Static Lap Time

  • Lap History

  • Lap History

  • Lap History

Lap Timing

Sophisticated lap timer with an updatable built-in database of over 800 circuits, real-time Delta-time, Delta-speed (shown via LEDs), Best Lap Time, Current Lap Time, Total Session Time and Lap Count.

Virtual Start/Finish Lines: Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter, as timing will start with vehicle movement. Separate start and finish lines can be set for sprint or hill climbing.

  • Speed

Speed Display

Digital speedometer: Performance Box Touch also works as a highly accurate digital speedometer, a handy feature for street driving.

Units can be set in kph or mph and display can show live speed, VMAX, average speed and distance including setting a target speed.

Powerful Circuit Analysis Software

Each Performance Box Touch is supplied with an SD card containing the VBOX Test Suite and Circuit Tools software.

Circuit Tools is designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software.

The software will automate many tasks and give you all the information required to improve lap times.

Circuit Tools is now compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.
Would you like to try Circuit Tools at home?
Watch this video and download the accompanying video and data files for replay in Circuit Tools.

Fastest Lap First

This feature is unique to Circuit Tools

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window.

You can compare runs from your latest session, or from different days, drivers or sessions simply by importing them and clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.

Data Window

The data window displays the values of the channels which have been logged at the position of the graph cursor. By default, Speed and Delta-T are displayed.

Track Map Position

A market shows your position on track as you go through the data.

Delta-Time Trace

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps, e.g. your last vs. your fastest lap or your best vs. another drivers lap. Use this to pin-point areas for improvement.

VBOX Test Suite Software

VBOX Test Suite, our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the analysis of vehicle acceleration and brake test data quick and clear.

Dedicated plugins and visual aids such as charts, graphs and tables allow you to analyse your data in more detail.

Chart Area

Acceleration Test

The chart area gives a graphical representation of the data contained within your test file, in this case three runs from a 0 to 60 mph.

Any channel (e.g. Speed against Time) can be set as X/Y axis, and multiple channels and files can be overlaid.

Track Map Position

Accel Test

The map area shows a positional trace from either the saved data contained within a file or real time live data.

Selecting 'Show Aerial Image/Road Map' dropdown menu will overlay either an aerial image or road map from Bing Maps onto the map area.

Test Result Table

Accel Test
The test results area displays all of the results from the current test. Within this area it is possible to include/exclude results from the chart area, display the average/max/min values and also easily identify any runs which have not met the pass criteria.

Add-ons and Accessories

Windscreen Suction Mount


The suction mount adheres to any slick flat surface, especially glass.

Bar Mount

Easily fix the Performance Box Touch onto the handlebar of your motorbike or bicycle.

External Patch Antenna

Optional GPS/GLONASS low profile antenna with RG-174 and MCX male connector (2 m cable).

Optional Battery

The battery gives approximately six hours of power from a full charge.

Cigar Plug USB Adapter

Auxiliary power/ Cigarette lighter socket adapter for Performance Box Touch USB charger cable.

USB Power Cable

1.5 m long USB 2.0 A to right angle Micro B data and charging cable.
* Already included in package