Congratulations on acquiring a Dodge Demon!

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the special version of Racelogic’s VBOX Video HD2 (available online) – the most advanced GPS video data logger available, specially configured for Dodge Demon customers.


Free Analysis Software

Connection to the Demon’s Onboard Systems

Racelogic worked with the SRT team to develop a connection to the Demon’s onboard systems that is not available on a standard VBOX, or third-party data loggers. You will be able to take advantage of the video and data that you record, to get the very best out of your car.

Personalized ID Badge

Also included is a custom clamp for mounting to the harness bar, along with a personalized ID badge and branded carry case.

Take a look at this video recorded from the strip to get a feel of the capabilities of the VBOX Video HD2.

Dodge Demon Scene Files

If you want to change your pre-loaded quarter mile scene to a half or full mile scene, just download the relevant scene file (.VVHSN) from the table below and upload it into the VBOX Video.

How to load a new scene file

  1. Save the relevant scene file an SD card.
  2. Power up the VBOX Video HD2 unit with cameras connected.
  3. Load the SD card into the front panel - the OK LED will flash green fast as the scene is loaded
  4. Wait for the double beep which indicates that the upgrade is complete - the OK LED will change to solid green.