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VBOX Sport

A lightweight, portable data logger that can be used in any vehicle and environment to measure performance or lap times.

  • Bluetooth interface to iPhone™ or iPad™
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Inbuilt GPS antenna
  • Waterproof (IP65 with connector bungs)
  • Free iPhone™ apps for performance testing and lap timing




Bluetooth interface to iPhone™ or iPad™ e.g. for live analysis in VBOX Test Suite
Power Backup

Battery Powered

Internal rechargeable battery with over 6 hrs battery life


Robust, lightweight enclosure that is waterproof (IP 65) with the connector bungs fitted
Power Backup

Inbuilt Antenna

Internal or external GPS antenna
Free Analysis Software

25 Hz data logging

Logs data at 25 times a second

Powerful Analysis Software

Circuit Tools is designed by racing drivers for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with data analysis software.

The software will automate many tasks and give you all the information required to improve lap times.

Circuit Tools is now compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS devices.
Would you like to try Circuit Tools at home?
Watch this video and download the accompanying video and data files for replay in Circuit Tools.

Fastest Lap First

This feature is unique to Circuit Tools

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window.

You can compare runs from your latest session, or from different days, drivers or sessions simply by importing them and clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.


The data window displays the values of the channels which have been logged at the position of the graph cursor. By default, Speed and Delta-T are displayed.

Track Map Position

A marker shows your position on track as you go through the data.

Delta-Time Trace

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps, e.g. your last vs. your fastest lap or your best vs. another drivers lap. Use this to pin-point areas for improvement.

VBOX Test Suite Software

VBOX Test Suite, our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the analysis of vehicle acceleration and brake test data quick and clear.

Dedicated plugins and visual aids such as charts, graphs and tables allow you to analyze your data in more detail.

Chart Area

Acceleration Test

The chart area gives a graphical representation of the data contained within your test file, in this case three runs from a 0 to 60 mph.

Any channel (e.g. Speed against Time) can be set as X/Y axis, and multiple channels and files can be overlaid.

Track Map Position

Accel Test

The map area shows a positional trace from either the saved data contained within a file or real time live data.

Selecting 'Show Aerial Image/Road Map' dropdown menu will overlay either an aerial image or road map from Bing Maps onto the map area.

Test Result Table

Accel Test
The test results area displays all of the results from the current test. Within this area it is possible to include/exclude results from the chart area, display the average/max/min values and also easily identify any runs which have not met the pass criteria.

Our Apps

RACELOGIC have designed three dedicated iPhone™ apps: Performance Test, LapTimer and Diagnostics.

Using the apps with VBOX Sport you can view GPS data that is being logged at 25 times per second and provides a level of accuracy currently unheard of with iPhone and iPad apps.

The Performance Test App

This app provides you with acceleration, deceleration and VMAX information for your vehicle previously only available to professional RACELOGIC VBOX users.

You can quickly and accurately measure your 0-60 acceleration time, turn your test track into a dragstrip and measure your 1/4 mile time and trap speed. Different modes allow you to measure your braking performance and zero to zero times.

Key features

  • Accel / Decel
  • Speed
  • VMAX
  • 0-60
  • 1/4 mile time
  • Dyno mode
  • G-force
  • Braking performance
  • Zero-speed-zero
  • Free of charge

VBOX Laptimer

This app allows you to display your speed, your current lap time, your predicted lap time or a list of previous lap times all using the same VBOX technology used by many of the world's major motor manufacturers and car magazines.

Key features

  • Auto track selection – based on your current location and using our comprehensive track map database, no need to set the start/finish line
  • Predicted lap time – using unique RACELOGIC algorithms to predict your current lap time based on your reference lap with delta-t shown in a red/green bar graph
  • Display current speed or maximum speed in mph or km/h
  • List of lap times, including sector times where available
  • Custom circuit creation – create your own track or circuit and start/finish line if required
  • Save your lap data in a RACELOGIC .vbo file for analysis in Circuit Tools software
  • Range of configuration options
  • Free of charge

Partner Apps

VBOX Sport is compatible with the following 3rd party apps. If you are interested in developing apps that connect to a VBOX Sport, please read our VBOX Sport Development Portal.

Harry's LapTimer
  • Grand Prix Edition required
  • Fully automated lap timing including predictive lap timing
  • Professional sensor support
  • Video reference lap comparison
  • MultiCam for iOS devices, GoPro HERO and Sony cams
  • More than 1100 predefined tracks
store apple store google
  • Lap timer for circuit and point-to-point tracks
  • Gauge view of live data
  • Analysis mode with configurable graphs
  • Lap list with optimal lap time calculation
  • Exporting to CSV and NMEA

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Porsche Track Precison
  • For all Boxster, Cayman and 911 models, as well as for all GT vehicles with model improvements from CW45/16
  • Automatic lap time recording
  • Live displays
  • Video analysis
  • Sharing with other drivers

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Speed Logic
  • Acceleration: 0-100, quarter mile and other checkpoints
  • USB, Bluetooth, OBD: Works with external GPS and OBD
  • Lap Timer: Check your best and current lap time
  • Top speed: Find out your vehicle's top speed

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  • Optimized for Autocross, Hill Climb, ProSolo and Time Attack
  • Log maps, data and video
  • Automated sectional analysis
  • Overlay video and data on the device
  • Compatible with both phones and tablets
  • Open licensing (run on as many devices as you want)

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  • GPS Lap timer and race data acquisition software
  • Perfect for time trial, track day and competition
  • Shows current lap time, best lap time and previous laps automatically after each lap
  • Allows the sharing of lap times on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and Weibo
  • Built-in tracks
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Add-ons and Accessories

Bar Mount

Easily fix the VBOX Sport onto the handlebar of your motorbike or bicycle. Includes mounting plate.

External Patch Antenna

Optional GPS/GLONASS low profile antenna with RG-174 and MCX male connector (2 m cable).

Suction Mount

The Herbert Richter suction mount can be installed as in-car dash mount, vent mount or as a tilt and swivel mount. Includes mounting plate.

Cigar Plug USB Adapter

Auxiliary power/ Cigarette lighter socket adapter for VBOX Sport charge cable.

USB Power Cable

1.8 m USB to Micro B power cable for VBOX Sport.