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VBOX Video HD2 Setup Software

VBOX Video HD2 Setup Software allows you to adjust settings within the HD2 unit and to design the graphic overlays you wish to use on your videos.


Two Camera Inputs

Full WYSIWYG editor

The 'What You See Is What You Get' user interface allows you to view the created scene exactly as they would appear on the video.
CAN Bus Input

Auto Track Map

Searches the track map database and automatically loads a circuit map and start/finish line based on your current GPS co-ordinates.
HD Video

CAN Data

Adjust the settings of up to 80 CAN channels, captured from Racelogic modules and/or a vehicle CAN bus system.
Graphic Overlay

Lap Timing Feature

Display lap and split times (BEST, CURRENT, LAST) to your video scene.

Predictive Lap Timing

Assign Any Logged Parameter

Gauges, text and bar graphs can be associated with any logged parameter

Math Channel

Calculate new channels using logged parameters (e.g. Combo G, Hill Gradients)

Free Analysis Software

Total gauge & needle design freedom

Use a pre-configured gauge or design all gauge elements from scratch

Manufacturer Specific Scene Files

You can download complete manufacturer specific scenes from our free library and edit them as you wish.

Performance Tests

Select one from eight standard performance tests within the scene designer or configure and create your custom performance tests.

OBD Channels

Adjust the settings of up to 11 OBD channels, captured via a Bluetooth module which plugs in to the vehicle's OBD port.
  • Windows

    As well as having the ability to adjust settings within the HD2 unit, the Setup Software provides graphical overlay user configurability.

    For example, you can choose which scene you would like to use, create and use your own custom dials, expand and re-position a logo or gauge, and change where the second camera is located.

  • macOS

    The macOS version of the Setup Software allows you to easily pre-configure your HD2 unit’s settings before use and control the graphics overlaid on to your HD video recording.

    For example, you can choose to insert/ delete pre-loaded gauges and dials, add and resize your logo, adjust the location of all elements, and even design, upload and configure your own race scenes.

    The software is compatible with scene files (.VVHSN) created in Windows.